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Green Living

Green Living

We all want the best for our planet – looking after the environment is one of the most important ways to secure our children’s futures, after all. So if you’re wondering how to conserve energy in your daily life, the good news is that with just a little extra care, we can all live a more eco-friendly lifestyle – and Surf excel is here to help! We’ve put together tips on how to save electricity and water around the house, and much more.

3 tips to help you gogreen

If you’re wondering how to save electricity, this is one of the best ways to do it – whether you’re washing by hand or in a machine, most of the energy in your wash cycle goes on heating the water! Because Surf excel’s formula is so effective it removes tough stains even at lower temperatures, you can take advantage of this energy conservation method without fear. Your clothes will still be beautifully clean!

Many of us prefer to wash delicate or heavily stained fabrics by hand, but what happens to the washing water when you’ve finished? Don’t throw it away – use it on your garden or houseplants. This water conservation tip also works with leftover washing-up water! 

If you wash your clothes in a washing machine, one of the best energy saving tips is to make sure that the machine is full before you run it. This principle doesn’t just apply to laundry, though – it applies to running the dishwasher, if you have one. It’s even worth thinking about filling up your oven as much as possible when you cook to make the best use of the energy required to heat it!