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White, Whiter, Whitest! How to Wash White Clothes

That crisp white school uniform, the perfect white casual t-shirt, the cool white shorts for the monsoons, the flawless white shirt for all occasions – how your little one loves all his or her white clothes.

But, what happens when the clothes are not as white as snow? Their sad and grumpy faces make you feel gloomy and blue, too, right?

As a caring mom, the last thing you want is to see your kids unhappy. So, how do you take care of their white clothes and keep their little hearts happy? Here are a few tips on how to wash white clothes that might help you.

Taking Care of White Fabric

  • Sort them correctly: Always be very careful not to wash the white clothes with coloured ones. If any of the colours bleed, all the white clothes will look dirty and stained – the reverse of what you wanted when you put them in the washing machine! Also, separate the heavily soiled clothes from the lightly soiled ones.
  •  Check the care tags:Following the washing instructions can prevent you from damaging your little darling’s white clothes. The care symbols on clothing labels help you find out about what temperature and detergent you should use, and tell you if you can use bleach. Get into the habit of following the wash care instructions when you do laundry.
  • Clean the washer: Your washing machine needs to be clean in order to help you get your little one’s white clothes whiter. Follow the user manual and preferably choose a machine with a removable lint filter. Remove the filter and clean the lint from it. This will prevent your daughter’s lovely white dress from looking old and dull.
  • Cold water is best: Stains set into the fabric when heated. It might not sound right, but cold water can remove the toughest of stains from your child’s white clothes.
  • The drying rule: Dry the clothes immediately after washing them. If you leave wet clothes in the washing machine, they might develop mould or mildew, which are smelly and unhealthy. Let the clothes dry in the sunlight, and your kid’s pretty white clothes will benefit from the whitening and disinfecting properties of the sun’s rays.

What To Avoid When Washing White Clothes

  • Do not overload: Cleansing agents loosen dirt, and there must be enough room and water in the washer for the dirt to wash away. Otherwise, it might just get deposited on the clothes again.
  • Avoid bleach: It can be toxic and irritating on sensitive skin. So, if your child has sensitive skin, it would be better to avoid bleach when you’re washing white clothes. Also, overuse of bleach can turn perfectly white fabric yellow or grey, and both chlorine and oxygen bleaches can weaken the fabric. You would not want your kid’s clothes to end up in shreds after a few washes, would you? If you want replacements, try lemon juice or baking soda – they are milder whitening agents.
  • Avoid hard water: The minerals in hard water tend to deposit on white clothes and make them dull and yellowish. Water with high iron content tends to leave behind reddish stains on whites. To prevent these stains, you might consider installing a water softening system or adding water softening agents each time you wash white fabrics.
  • Frequency of laundry: Do not leave your child’s whites unattended after a single wearing. Although they might look clean, body oils and perspiration can make them yellow very fast. To remove greasy stains, pre-treat the clothes with a liquid detergent or dish washing liquid or shampoo.

Some Quick Tips on How to Wash White Clothes

  • Soak super soiled socks in hot water and add two spoons of dish washing soap and leave them for at least 30 minutes. Then wash as usual. You can replace the soap with a half cup of lemon juice in case you prefer natural agents.
  • If you have loads of white clothes to wash, add a half cup of vinegar and two spoons of baking soda to the cold water along with the detergent. Baking soda and Surf excel Matic detergent work wonders as a couple, and do away with sweat stains really easily.

Know of some more handy tips on how to wash white clothes? Feel free to add to the list and share them with us!