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Washing and Ironing: Tips To Make Ironing Clothes Easier

We all know that a washing machine makes doing your family’s laundry so much easier – it’s a pity that there isn’t a machine that will iron all your clothes for you, too! Surf excel Matic understands that washing and ironing can be such a big part of your day. That’s why we’ve designed this guide for Matic Mums about how to iron clothes!

Washing and Ironing: Starting with the Washing Machine

You can make your life much easier by choosing the appropriate washing machine cycle for your clothes! Check your clothing labels before putting your clothes in the machine – some items don’t need ironing and can be washed using the ‘permanent press’ cycle to get the wrinkles out.

Make Ironing Easier by Effectively Drying Your Clothes

Here are some tips about drying your clothes that will help you when it’s time to iron them!

  • Give your clothes a shake and smooth any creases before hanging them up on a drying rack.
  • If you’re going to steam iron your clothes, then you will get better results on slightly damp clothes.
  • Try to get into the habit of ironing your clothes immediately after drying them – even if you’d rather delay the task! If you leave your garments sitting around in a basket, they will start to accumulate creases again.

If you’re using a drying machine, give your damp clothes a few very vigorous shakes before putting them in the tumble dryer.

This helps to dislodge the wrinkles, ensuring that they don’t get set into the fabric during the drying cycle. Use a short drying cycle of about five minutes, and then put the clothes up on hangers to dry. This technique will reduce the volume of ironing that you need to do, since most of your clothes will be nearly wrinkle-free by this stage!

Ironing Advice

Here are some helpful tips for ironing your clothes from Surf excel Matic!

  • Steam irons are better at removing wrinkles than a conventional dry heat iron – owning one will save you a lot of time with the ironing.
  • A vertical steam iron will accelerate the task even more since you don’t need be careful with turning over the clothes on an ironing board as you iron both sides. The disadvantage with a vertical steam iron is that they take up more storage space in your house, and take longer to warm up (four minutes or more) than a dry iron would.
  • When ironing a large selection of clothes, tackle all the delicate fabrics first. These garments will need to be ironed at lower temperatures – since irons heat up quicker than they cool down, it will be quicker to switch from ironing your delicates to your regular cottons.
  • The best technique for ironing is to always move the iron in strokes away from your body – this prevents any creases from accidentally re-forming when you lean over the garment.
  • If there is a particularly stubborn or difficult crease in the garment, spray a little water onto the affected area before re-applying the iron. If you have a steam iron, you can use the steam setting to smooth it out.

With these tips in mind, ironing those piles of fresh laundry will no longer feel like a hassle – and you will have more time to spend with your family! Good luck and enjoy!