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Packing Tips for Travel – How to Wash Clothes on Holiday

Packing bags with our favourite outfits is one of the most exciting things we all do when we are about to leave for a vacation or a long outstation trip. For practical reasons, we would all love to carry the least possible amount of luggage. But when your little one is coming along, you begin to wonder how many sets of travelling clothes you should carry for your darling.

Knowing kids, they are bound to get their clothes dirty real fast! Here are some simple packing tips for travel that may come handy during your next trip! Travel laundry and drying clothes doesn’t have to be a chore, or even cost you a fortune – this handy guide explains what to pack, how to wash clothes on holiday, and how to get them dry again.  

Packing Tips to Save you from Travel Laundry Trouble

The most essential of packing tips anyone can give you is that no matter how tempted you may be to drag along all your favourite clothes from the wardrobe, be selective. Pack your bags smartly with travelling clothes in fabrics which suit the climate of your destination. This will also ease things for you when you have to do any travel laundry. If the climate in your destination isn’t very hot, try carrying more synthetic-fibre garments than cotton. Cotton, if not washed and dried properly, can get worse, while synthetic material is easier to both wash and dry.

However, if you are heading to some relatively hot and humid region and have to choose cotton over other fabrics, try to opt for lighter and thin cotton clothes. Also, you may not always be lucky to have laundry services around your place of stay on a trip; so it’s always safer and better to bring your washing agents along with you. Carry a small 200ml bottle of Surf excel Liquid or sachets of Surf excel Quick Wash.

How To Wash Clothes on Holiday

One of the easiest ways in which you can wash travelling clothes easily is by carrying your own essential supplies. Carry along a few large and tough zip-lock bags as that are light and easy to pack. Add a thick rope and a few clips. Whenever you have to do your travel laundry, use the zip-lock bag as a bucket to soak clothes in Surf excel liquid detergent and water, and rinse them clean. The rope and clips will come handy while drying.

An easy way out depending on budget and availability would be to look for a local laundry service. That would save you all the effort and time of soaking, washing, and drying so you have more time to travel around.

Drying Travelling Clothes

Long before you have had your clothes soaked, washed, and rinsed, you need to plan how and where you will be drying them. Washing travelling clothes until they’re clean will not be enough if you cannot dry them properly. Damp clothes smell, and are not particularly hygienic.

After washing and rinsing your clothes clean, gently squeeze them, and then dry them by hanging them in the open air. In case of a closed room or humid climate, dry your travelling clothes under a fan. It is a little time consuming, but also the easiest way out. Use Comfort Fabric Conditioner to keep your clothes fresh. You might have to get creative with drying.

So find all the small and big places where you can hang your clothes. Most hotels do not like clothes hanging out of the windows; they are likely to object if you try. Use the rods in the washroom and the ones on the cupboard or drawers to dry your travel laundry. Do you have any other quick and easy ideas on how to wash clothes on holiday, or dry them? How do you manage your laundry when you are out of town? Share your tips with us.