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Does Laundry Detergent Kill Germs? Washing Machine Hygiene Tips

As a parent, you want to keep your children as safe as you can, but you also want to give them the opportunity to act like children and enjoy themselves. If your kids love to play outdoors and get messy, you want to make sure that all the dirt and bacteria gets removed from their clothes afterwards. How can you guarantee hygienic laundry for your family, and ensure that any washing machine germs are all removed by the end of the cycle? This article will teach you how to kill germs in laundry and what role laundry detergent plays in all this.  

Does Laundry Detergent Kill Germs?

The first question you may be asking yourself: are the normal washing cycles with regular laundry detergent enough for killing germs in laundry? Using a higher temperature of water, if possible, along with Surf excel matic, can help to kill germs in your laundry. If you have a fully automatic washing machine with a temperature setting, then make use of this, particularly when washing towels, underwear, or clothing of any ill member of the household.

Just check the care labels first, making sure that these items or garments can withstand a high temperature.  

Wash Settings to Get Rid of Germs

Bacteria are killed at high temperatures. Always use the highest wash setting you can for your fabrics – read the clothing care labels to check which temperature settings are appropriate. If your children are particularly active, consider buying them play clothes made from fabrics that can withstand the highest temperatures in the washing machine – plain fabrics like cotton and nylon. Some washing machines come with special germ-killing properties.

For example, the Panasonic NA-F62H3 has an antibacterial coating on the inside of its drum, helping to destroy any bacteria that get in there.  

Basic Laundry Hygiene

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure hygienic laundry conditions in your household. First, always separate your dirty laundry: kitchen, bathroom, underwear and clothes should be kept and washed separately. This minimizes the spread of bacteria.  

Top tip from one of our matic Moms:

“Always wash the same types of clothes together. For example: sort laundry by colour, and department such as outdoors, or office wear.”  

Second, don’t allow damp clothes to sit around in the laundry bin, washing machine, or drying room. Moist conditions propagate the spread of bacteria. Make sure that you air-dry or machine-dry your clothes as soon as they come out of the machine.  

Basic Washing Machine Hygiene

Top tip from one of our matic Moms:

“To kill germs and remove odours use soda crystals or dishwasher tablets. All you have to do is run the washing machine on a hot wash (preferably 60 degrees) with your chosen product. Quick & easy!”  

To avoid the problem of germs in washing machine, it helps to keep your machine as clean as possible, too. What this means is that at least once a month – or more if you use your washing machine a lot – you should run an empty hot wash cycle with some of your regular detergent (you do not need to go for a powder with a strong fragrance, as long as it helps clean your machine, nothing is more important).

This helps to prevent the build-up of dirt, bacteria and all other kinds of nasty stuff! After the wash cycle, wipe down the inside of your machine and leave it to air-dry.

Pay particular attention to the rubber around the door and the drainage filter at the back – that is the where dirt gathers! You can read our article for more information about cleaning a washing machine. After every wash cycle, leave the machine’s door open to allow the interior to dry completely. A damp, dark environment is the perfect breeding ground for washing machine germs – don’t give them the chance to grow!  

And there you have it! How to kill germs in laundry, protecting your family from the nasty effects of bacteria and contamination.