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How to Soak Clothes in the Washing Machine

Soaking clothes in a washing machine is something that’s highly recommended – and it’s a favourite trick among our Matic Mums, who find it very useful for getting dirty kids’ clothes bright and vibrant once more. It is possible to eco soak in a washing machine, because the water used to soak is the same water that’s used to wash your clothes. By making use of your washing machine’s soak cycle, you could actually be helping your family to conserve water, and saving money off your bills, too!  

What is the Soak Function in a Washing Machine?

Top loading washing machines in India often come with a soak function – including washing machines by IFB, Samsung, and Godrej. It’s a common feature of top loading machines, but one that often isn’t used to its full potential. Once the machine has filled with water, this setting shuts off the machine for a designated amount of time, allowing your clothes to soak in water and detergent before continuing with the rest of the cycle.

It is often used as a pre-wash cycle, helping you to treat stains. You can also find soak functions in front loading, automatic washing machines, like the Elena by IFB. In semi automatic washing machines, you can let your clothes soak in the tub before beginning the wash cycle. Some semi automatic machines, like this one by Godrej, have a special Active Soak function.  

When Should I Use the Washing Machine with Soak Cycle?

There are two reasons why you might want to consider buying an auto soak washing machine. Firstly, if you’re a mum, you’ll know just how dirty your kids’ clothes can get. Whether they’ve been out playing sports and come home covered in grass stains, or are eager to learn to feed themselves and end up covered head to toe in tomato sauce, dealing with stains is unfortunately a natural part of parenthood.

Heavily soiled clothes can be a nightmare, but Matic Mums know all the tricks - including how to soak clothes in a quick and convenient way. Stains are much easier to remove when they’re fresh, or when they’ve been softened.

The concept behind pre-soaking is to soften the particles of the stain, which makes it much simpler to flush out the discolouration with warm water and detergent. When soaking is done as part of your regular washing cycle, it saves time, energy, and money. What more could you ask for?  

Alternatives to Soaking

While soaking laundry can be very effective, and very convenient, not every mum is completely comfortable with leaving delicates – such as silk sarees or treasured garments – soaking in the washing machine for too long. It’s generally very safe to do so (providing you’re using a mild laundry detergent rather than bleach products), but sometimes it’s just not worth taking the risk. Fortunately, you don’t need to soak your clothes to see great results - even if you’re dealing with your kids’ clothes that are covered in paint, mud, and a days worth of meals!

By using a high quality detergent, such as Surf excel Matic Top Load or Front Load , you don’t need to pre-soak to get your clothes looking like new. These detergents are designed to work with your washing machine to treat even the most stubborn of stains.

Are you still spending hours filling buckets, dissolving detergent, and waiting around for your clothes to soak manually? Why? Washing machines are designed to do all the hard work for us. Try out your washing machine’s soak setting, and let us know what you think.