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Hand-washing and Stain Removal

Hand wash is the most common method in many countries. The care labels for some clothes specify that they should only be washed by hand.  

Tips for Best Hand Washing Results

  1. Sort your wash by colour, so you are washing whites and dark colours separately
  2. Check the care labels to see whether items need a cold or hot hand-wash. Check instructions for detergent advice (e.g. for delicate fabrics)
  3. Be sure to add the right amount of detergent – check our Dosing Guide
  4. The sooner you try to remove the stain after it happens, the better your chance of complete success!

How to Wash Clothes by Hand

  1. Add your clothes to the water and if they are heavily stained/soiled, leave them to soak
  2. Make sure the washing detergent has completely dissolved in the water before immersing clothes in the wash solution
  3. Wash the clothes by gently scrubbing the garments with wash solution or dab of detergent bar for tough spot clean to remove stains
  4. Then rinse them until the water runs clear
  5. Dry them immediately to avoid mal-odour and retain the fragrance

Try to avoid keeping your hands in the detergent for too long. Rinse and dry them immediately afterwards. People with sensitive or damaged skin should avoid contact with wash solution and may wear rubber gloves.

Stain Removal

The sooner you try to remove the stain after it happens, the better your chance of complete success! Most stains vanish completely if you act fast and wash the garment normally, but some are more difficult to remove and require special attention. The three simple rules to follow to remove stains effectively from your clothes:
  1. Act Quickly – Treat the stain immediately by blotting it with tissue paper / wiping it off with water
  2. Avoid heat – Do not iron the stained cloth/stain area or put it in a dryer
  3. Don't mix stain removers – Use one stain remover at a time. If you applied lemon/vinegar first wash it off and then apply other products. Mixing stain removers of different form of bleach may result in fading of colour around the stain area.