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5 Simple Tips for Getting the Most from Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are designed to make our lives easier and much more convenient, but when they break down they’re nothing but hassle. Many breakdowns happen because people aren’t using the machines correctly or taking care of them properly; these problems can be avoided by simply understanding how they work.

Here’s a handful of tips for making sure your washing machine lasts for years.

Read the Detergent Box

When your kids have been playing outside and come home covered in mud, it’s so tempting to throw their dirty clothes in the washing machine with a heap of detergent in a desperate bid to remove the stains, but there’s really no need. Take a look at your detergent box and you’ll see guidelines demonstrating how much you should use for each load. Surf Excel understands what it’s like to have adventurous, messy children, and our detergent instructions are easy to understand.

This way, you can encourage your kids to explore and try new things, and you won't have to worry about the mess – just trust Surf Excel to help you! But doesn’t more detergent mean cleaner clothes? Not at all. In fact, if you use too much, you could damage both your clothes and the machine itself, and let’s face it, the cost of replacing a washing machine is something we could all do without.

If you’re noticing your clothes are coming out of the machine crisp and stiff, it’s a sign you’re using too much. Also, a buildup of excess detergent in the machine can wreak havoc on the internal tubes and motors.

Cleaning your Washing Machine

Although washing machines are great at getting your clothes clean, they’re not so good at cleaning themselves. This is something we need to do – fortunately for us, it can be a quick and simple task. Maintaining the outside of the machine is simple; just wipe regularly with a damp cloth, or use a small amount of washing up liquid if you see any marks and stains. Maintaining the inside of the machine can be slightly more complex; it’s best to follow the instructions in your manual. When looking for a washing machine, consider getting one that comes with a removable lint filter.

A removable lint filter means it’s simple to detach the filter, clean off the lint that’s accumulated from your clothes, and pop it back in. A buildup of lint means water tubes can become clogged – and, more noticeably, your clothes will start to look old and dated, which is annoying if you’ve just washed your daughter’s new dress. If your clothes are coming out of the machine with a layer of fluff, you may want to have a check of your lint filter.

Make Use of the Washing Machine Settings

Even the most basic washing machine today looks like some incomprehensible futuristic device, right? It can sometimes be difficult to get to grips with all the features and functions of a new washing machine, especially when you’re in a hurry to get through the huge pile of clothes you’ve just pulled from your kids’ rooms, but taking the time to understand exactly what your machine can do really is worth it. It can save you time, save you money, and it can even help the environment. Many machines in India today offer three types of wash, which are usually known as gentle, normal, and strong (sometimes different manufacturers use different names for these settings).

You’ll probably find that you need to use the ‘normal’ function most often for your standard load, but if you’re washing delicates you should consider a gentle load. For a really dirty wash, try a strong wash to really make sure all the stains are zapped. Don’t be tempted to use a stronger wash than you need. Lighter washes tend to use less water – and take less time – than the stronger loads, which not only saves time and energy but can also lower your household costs and reduce water scarcity.

Take Care with your Clothes Dryer

If you’ve opted for a fully automatic washing machine (front loading or top loading), you’ll probably want to make use of the built-in drying function. These models are great as they deal with the entire laundry process for you, which is invaluable when you’ve got kids wanting your attention. However, these machines need a little more care overall. You’ll also get lint build up when drying clothes. You should aim to clean this lint out after each cycle; if the filter becomes clogged, airflow is reduced, which could cause the machine to overheat. In terms of your clothes, the heat can cause some fabrics to shrink, especially wools and other delicates. If you’re concerned, you may want to partially dry your clothes in the machine until they are just damp, and then hang them up to for them to dry naturally.

Don’t Overload Your Washer

Have you ever had a moment when everyone in the house needs something put in the washing machine all at the same time? It happens, and it’s so tempting to shove everything in at once to get it done – but overloading your machine isn’t a great idea. Too much weight in the machine can put pressure on the main motor, which means the spin cycle may not be triggered – this will leave you with sopping wet clothes.

The weight limits will vary between machines, but generally you shouldn’t aim for more than 6 kg of clothing per load. One way to minimise this problem is to choose a washing machine that has different load selections. If you’re in the situation above – when everything needs to be clean at once – you can choose the heavy load function, which will automatically use more water to ensure everything comes out spotless.

However, if you’ve just got a few items of clothing, you can select a light load setting which uses less water, less time, and less active spinning.

Are you skilled at using your washing machine ? Why not help out other mums by sharing your own handy tips and tricks for getting the most out of your washing machine below!