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Washing Machine Stands & Covers – Do I Need Them?

A washing machine stand is a small tray that fits underneath your washing machine, usually made of high quality steel. The purpose of such a stand is not only to make doing the laundry a more simple and pleasant task, but also to help elongate the life of your machine and save you money. If you already use a washing machine at home, you’ll know that the vibrations can be a little noisy. Washing machines with a high RPM – revolutions per minute – are especially troublesome. A good quality stand will do one of the three things depending upon the material and the technology used.

A washing machine stand can absorb the vibrations, reducing movement of the machine; it can transform the vibrations into heat to limit noise; or it can reflect the vibrations, sending the energy back into the machine to improve performance. Most washing machine stands use elastomeric damping materials to do all three, creating the most effective way to reduce noise output and protect your machine from damage.

Is a Washing Machine Stand Right for You?

The big question is – do you need a washing machine stand? While that’s a question only you can answer.We can help out! Here are a few circumstances in which you might benefit from installing a stand in your home:

Families Living in a One Level Apartment

If you live in a small apartment, you’ll know that sound travels easily from one room to the other . If noise is a major problem with your washing machine, a washing machine stand can significantly reduce sound output, limiting how much you can hear throughout your home.

Families With Young Children

There just aren’t enough hours in the day; so many of us find ourselves busy doing the laundry long after the kids have gone to bed. The term ‘sleeping like a baby’ is one of the most inaccurate terms in the world – babies can wake at the slightest sound – so it’s important to keep the noise of the laundry room down if you’re a late night washer.

Families With an Upstairs Laundry Room

If you do your laundry in an upstairs room, you may find that the vibrations can travel through the floorboards and become a problem when you’re downstairs trying to relax after a busy day. Installing a washing machine stand can reduce the vibrations, creating a more pleasant environment for you to chill out in.  

What is a Washing Machine Cover?

Washing machine covers may seem a little excessive at first, but they can really help keep your washing machine working optimally for longer. Covers can be purchased specifically for both top loading and front loading machines, with flaps that allow for the door to be opened and clothes to be loaded and unloaded without needing to remove the cover – so there’s no compromise on convenience.

The cover protects the machine’s mechanisms from the effects of household dust. It can also keep moisture from seeping into the machine, preventing the build up of mould and mildew. Some households would benefit from washing machine covers more than others, including:

Families with a Washing Machine in the Kitchen

Kitchens can become quite steamy during the cooking process, especially if there’s no adequate ventilation, and the condensation can drip into the appliance. Not only can this create mould, but it can also affect how the machine operates, damaging its overall performance.

Families Using a Dryer

If you’ve got a clothes dryer situated close to the washing machine, this can have the same effect as having a washing machine in the kitchen – an excess of condensation caused by the steam from the dryer. In these situations, a washing machine cover can be very beneficial.

Families Renovating Their Home

If you’re having work done to your house that involves a great deal of dust and dirt being produced, it pays to have a washing machine cover. Any debris that gets into the machine can prevent it from working properly.  

Stands and covers are not necessary in all homes, but in some they can mean the difference between a washing machine that works and one that doesn’t. If you’ve noticed that your washing machine is becoming damaged due to vigorous vibrations or dust, then it’s worth giving these accessories a try – you may be surprised at just how much of a difference they can make.

You can find washing machine stands and covers on eBay or on other online shops, as well as directly from certain manufacturers, like IFB.

Are washing machine accessories really necessary? You tell us! Share your thoughts in the comment box below.