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Why Does My Washing Machine Not Spin?

There are little things more annoying than wanting to take out your freshly cleaned laundry after a wash, only to realise that all your clothes are still soaking wet. If your washing machine doesn’t spin, this can be due to a couple of reasons. If you are an experienced washing machine user, the problem of a washing machine drum not spinning is probably something that you have come across at some point or another.

We’ve compiled some of the most common reasons for this problem for our Matic Moms, so you can figure out what is wrong, fix the problem, and get your laundry chores done as quickly as possible!  

Three Reasons Why Your Washing Machine Won’t Spin

Reason 1: Your washing machine is overloaded

Sounds too simple to be true, but an overloaded washing machine can be all too common, making it one of the most common reasons for why a washing machine stopped spinning. So, if your washing machine refuses to spin, it might not be broken – the drum or tub might simply be overloaded.

If the washing machine detects too heavy of a load, it will either automatically stop spinning, slow down the cycle considerably, or not even start. This can lead to a washing machine full of soaking wet clothes! If this happens to you, simply remove some of the items from the machine and save them for another load.

Remember – you shouldn’t fill your washing machine right to the top. Always leave some room in the drum or tub.  

Reason 2: The laundry in your washing machine is unevenly distributed

Your washing machine has to be in balance, or the spinning could cause some serious damage to your appliance – so when there is a risk of that happening, your washing machine drum is instructed not to spin. What to do? Open your machine up again and either redistribute the load, or take out a few items so your machine can be in balance again.

This can also happen if you only have a few items to wash – most machines are designed to carry a full load, so single pieces of clothing can distort the balance, too.  

Reason 3: Your washing machine is not level

There could be a simple reason why the washing machine won’t spin – it may not be on a level surface. If your washing machine is not stable, it is much more likely to move while it’s working, and this could cause the machine to become damaged.

This is especially important if you are using a semi automatic washing machine, like this model from Samsung, that can be moved to different areas of the house – always test to make sure the machine is level before plugging it in and beginning a cycle.  

Reason 4: Your washing machine isn’t properly closed

It can be easy to overlook, but sometimes the reason why your washing machine won’t spin is just because the lid or door is not closed properly. If you’ve tried these solutions, and your washing machine still won’t spin, it’s best to consult a professional for washing machine maintenance.

You can also look at the tips that Godrej provide about why a washer might not spin for more information.

Tips from Matic Mums about Dealing with Washing Machines that Won't Spin

Our Matic Mums have had to solve problems and deal with washing machines that won't spin – here are some of their top tips:

Veena Vinyas:

"I too had this problem, and later came to know that one leg on the stand of my washing machine was broken so it was not level and was not spinning. So it is better to use plastic stands for washing machines rather than metal, as metal could rust."

Hansa Parmar :

"Do not overload your washing machine with buckets of clothes and also check if it is properly closed."