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Washing Clothes & Cleaning the Washing Machine after Holi

Holi is a fun and exciting time, and it can be difficult not to get caught up in the moment, throwing the coloured powders ranging from deep reds to sunshine yellows. The following day, however, is a completely different story! While Holi is fun, the first laundry day after the celebrations can be a nightmare.

Even if you and your kids made your own safe and environmentally-friendly powders for Holi , there is still a risk they could stain your clothes; this is particularly likely if you don’t treat the smudges and smears quickly or use the correct techniques.

But don’t worry! If you’re already starting to break out into a cold sweat with the thought of doing the post-Holi laundry, here are some simple tips and tricks to put your mind at ease.  

Cleaning Washing Machine Parts: Why and How to Clean Washing Machines

Of course, we when look at the pile of stained garments on the floor following the Holi festivities, it’s washing clothes that become a priority, but it’s important not to forget another important factor – cleaning your washing machine. Many of us make the mistake of thinking that washing machines are self-cleaning – they’re not!

Some of us don’t even know how to clean a washing machine. The question many people ask is not only how to clean their washing machine, but why it’s such an important part of the post-Holi clean up. When we put our colour-stained clothes through the wash, the powder is easily removed from the clothing with a good quality detergent. You should look for a detergent with stain removing qualities, like Surf excel.

However, while our clothes come out looking as good as new, those colours have to go somewhere. While most of the colour is emptied through the pipes as waste, a small amount may remain in your machine. When you come to do the next load of laundry, this colour could transfer onto the new set of clothing. Washing machine cleaning is actually really simple. In fact, all you need is to run the machine without any clothes in, which will help to flush out any leftover Holi powders.

Try using the hottest temperature possible for the most effective cleaning. You could also add a cup full of white vinegar if you wanted – the antibacterial properties will just ensure your washing machine is both clean and hygienic. Surf excel has more advice about how to clean your washing machine , too, as well as how to use bleach to clean your machine.  

Washing Clothes: Tips & Tricks for Holi

While getting Holi powders out of your clothes is easy when using the right sort of detergent, there are some tips and tricks that can make the whole process even simpler!

  • Pre-Treat Stains

By pre-treating stains before putting your clothes into the washing machine, you can give your detergent a little extra help, which is particularly useful when washing clothes with stubborn stains. You can apply a small amount of Surf excel liquid detergent to the stains to help loosen the stains before you put them in the machine. Just Dip, Dab, and Drop!

  • Don’t Overdo the Detergent

When dealing with soiled clothing, it is very tempting to add more detergent, as we tend to associate more detergent with cleaner clothes.

However, adding too much could actually ruin your clothing. You should be adding between 1.5 to 3.5 scoops of detergent per wash. This valuable laundry resource with dosing instructions explains exactly how much you need, depending on your washing machine, your location, and how dirty your clothes are!

  • Wash Colours Separately

To be on the safe side, we recommend washing clothes of similar colours together in groups. While it’s not essential that you do this, it does provide a little extra protection for your garments.

For example, it’s best not to wash a top that’s covered in bright pink Holi powder with a brilliant white jacket, for example. Try to keep dark colours together in one wash, and light colours together in another for the best results.  

Are you already beginning to dread the post-Holi clean up? Don’t worry! With Surf excel, you can go ahead and enjoy the day. After all, stains can get easily cleaned up, but Holi comes only once a year!

Share your own post-Holi experiences and tips for washing clothes with us – we would love to hear them!