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Washing Machine Sizes

Choosing the correct washing machine for your household will depend on a number of factors: the size of your family, your lifestyle, available space, and personal preferences. Surf excel Matic will help you by introducing the different sizes of washing machines currently available, and suggest the type of households that they might suit best.

Common Washing Machine Sizes

When it comes to washing machine sizes, there are two things to consider: the actual washing machine dimensions – height, width, and depth – and the capacity – the amount of clothes your machine can wash per load. The average washing machine dimensions are 24-27in wide, 34-43in tall and 22-26in deep. A medium-sized washing machine will have a capacity of about 6-7 kg or 13-15 pounds per wash.

This is the most common washing machine size and will be suitable for most families. A large washing machine will be able to take at least 8-9 kg (17-20 pounds) of clothes, but even larger models that take a load of 10 or even 11 kg (22-24 pounds) are also available. Although it’s true that larger washing machine sizes usually take a bigger load, some brands offer advanced models that have the same dimensions as simpler models, but hold a bigger drum. These are usually more expensive in both initial purchase and use.

Choosing Between Washing Machine Sizes

  • Before you begin to shop for a new machine, remember to take measurements of the space in which you intend to install it.
  • If you plan to buy a front-loading washing machine then remember to take into account the amount of room required to open the door on the front to load the clothes. 
  • Think about the volume of clothes you wash in a typical week – then, look for a machine that accommodates those requirements.
  • Buying a large washing machine when you only have a small family will be more expensive and consume an unnecessary amount of electricity and water. On the other hand, if you have a large family you don’t want to spend entire days loading and unloading a large number of light loads from a small washing machine: owning a bigger machine will save you a lot of time!

Don't forget to use our washing machine comparison guide to compare washing machine dimensions and other features. What are your thoughts on washing machine sizes? Share your experiences with other Matic Mums!