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Which Washing Machine Is Best for You?

When you’re looking for a new washing machine, price is a big consideration. There is a washing machine for every budget – while some washing machines are quite expensive, there are a number of cheaper options, too – from semi automatics to models from local brands and private labels. But you may want to know if buying a cheap washing machine is a good decision.

Choosing the cheapest washing machine in India is often not the best (or most cost-efficient) option in the long run. Here is a guide for our Matic Mums about what to consider when looking for a cheap washing machine.

Cheap Washing Machines Might Have Low Quality Parts

One reason that some manufacturers are able to offer very low washing machine prices in India is because they use very low quality parts that cost them very little. These cheap parts are unlikely to last as long as the higher quality parts used on more costly machines. A good example of this is the hoses that are used to take water in and out of the machine. You can, of course, replace the cheap parts for better ones, but it may be more cost effective to simply buy a higher quality machine.

Efficiency Concerns with the Cheapest Washing Machines

If you compare the cheapest washing machine to a more expensive model, you will be able to see a clear difference in terms of their efficiency. Higher quality machines are usually much more efficient in terms of water or power usage, and can save you money in operational costs each year. If your budget allows, it’s always best to pay out more initially and save in the long term, than to pay less up front and pay more over the duration of your machine’s life.                  

Cheap Washing Machines May Be Noisy

Cheaper components and parts often mean a noisier machine. Additionally, some higher quality machines will come with noise buffers that will help to reduce the sound. While you may not think that a noisy machine is much of an issue, consider the following – with a noisy machine, you wouldn’t be able to put a load of laundry on after the kids have gone to bed, or too early in the morning. If you have household pets, they may become upset or frightened at the sound, too.                  

Low Washing Machine Prices May Mean Fewer Features and Options

A low cost washing machine may be very limited in terms of features. For example, while a high-quality model may offer a hand-wash setting for delicates, or a half-load setting to reduce water usage, a budget model may only offer temperature choices. Having a range of options means you can tailor your cycle to each individual load, which will help to keep your clothes looking their best. If you are willing to give up on certain features like a delicate wash option, then you can go for a cheaper model.                  

Do Cheap Washing Machines Come with Warranties?

Most large kitchen appliances come with a warranty included in the price. This warranty will often cover any breakages or problems with the machine for a particular length of time – usually a few years. Some local brands may sell washers without a warranty, or with a warranty that lasts for a very short time. This means that, should the machine break down, you would be completely responsible for any costs associated with getting the machine back up and running. Replacement parts can be very expensive, and you’ll likely have to pay for labour costs on top of that. It makes sense to make sure that you buy a machine with a warranty that covers at least the first year of ownership.

Cheaper Washing Machines May Offer Bad Customer Support

Although their prices may be a little higher, it is a good idea to choose a washing machine from a major manufacturer. Major brands can offer a high level of customer service, and will often deliver and install your washing machine for you. Customer service is very important, and cheaper washing machines often do not offer good quality customer service.

Some cheap washing machines are very good, and many families will find them perfectly suited to their needs.

If you want to buy a cheap washing machine, it’s important that you think about all of the points listed above to make sure that you make the best decision for your family, and don’t forget to check our washing machine comparison guide!