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How to Use a Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Most Matic Moms will agree that using a semi automatic washing machine for the first time –after years spent hand-washing clothes – can feel like an absolute dream! Why? Because there’s so much less scrubbing, soaking, and moving of wet laundry to be involved – you get to give your tired arm muscles a long deserved rest!

Semi automatic washing machines are time-savers too, which is something all busy Matic Moms need. They are much less expensive than fully automatic washing machines and most new models are designed to be super water and energy efficient, too.

Here is our guide to how to use a semi automatic washing machine in your home.

What is a semi automatic washing machine?

A semi automatic washing machine is a single or double tub machine that washes, rinses, and spin-dries your clothes for you. Using a semi auto washing machine is this simple:

  1. Add clothes to the tub.
  2. Add water and Surf excel matic Top Load – just follow the directions on the label.
  3. Select the length of the wash.
  4. When the wash is completed, drain the water and then add more water for the rinse cycle.
  5. Drain the water.
  6. Either transfer the clothes to the spinner tub (twin-tub models), or select the spinner mode (single tub models)
  7. Remove the clothes and hang them on the line to dry.

Semi automatic single tub washing machines are fairly uncommon; most of your friends are likely to have a semi automatic twin tub washing machine like this large capacity Godrej model. The great thing about twin-tubs is that they can wash one load and spin another at the same time! And modern models are now designed to wash better and last longer than they did in the past. You’ll find that new machines have:

  • More than one type of program
  • Soak options
  • Large capacities (up to 10kg)
  • Rust proof construction
  • See-through, toughened glass doors
  • A child-lock
  • An end-of-cycle buzzer
  • Wheels or castors to help move the machine around
  • Colourful and stylish looks

This Samsung semi automatic washing machine even has a slideable tray on the top to give you another way to manage your laundry!  

Why Choose a Semi Auto Washing Machine?

Apart from time and labour-saving reasons, one of the main advantages of buying a semi-automatic machine is that you don’t have to have a permanent or consistent water supply. Having good water pressure isn’t an issue either – unlike with fully automatic washing machines. You can also save water by reusing rinse water to do a new wash!  

How to Get the Best from Your Semi Automatic Washing Machine

As with any washing machine, there are a few things you should do to keep your model working to the best of its ability. To avoid damage to your clothes or machine, keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Always read your washing machine’s safety instructions.
  • Always check the care labels before you start your wash.
  • Consider hand-washing delicates instead.
  • Remove everything from pockets of garments you’re adding to the drum.
  • Don’t overload the drum – leave enough space for your clothes to move around.
  • Use an appropriate type and amount of detergent – those designed for top loaders are best, like Surf excel matic Top Load.
  • Do not spin-dry delicate clothes or natural fibres like wool as this will produce damaged garments.
  • Clean the filter and drum regularly. 

Tips from Our Matic Moms

Some of our Matic Moms have semi automatic washing machines, and they have great advice about how to use them! Here is one of their best tips:

“Always use the best detergent and do not overload your drum with clothes. Clean your drum and dryer regularly.”

Do you have a semi automatic washing machine? Why do you love it? Let other Matic Mums know in the comments box below.