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Ten Ways to Find Out Which Washing Machine Is Best for You

These days there seems to be too many choices on the market – narrowing down your many options to the one item that you wish to purchase can be a challenging task. This is especially true of washing machines. If your family has never owned one before, it can be really difficult deciding which washing machine is best. This guide will simplify the process with 10 ideas to consider when selecting the best type of washing machine for your family.  

1. Looking for Added Convenience? Shop for an Automatic Washing Machine.

Although automatic washing machines can be louder and more powerful, some machines like the Siemens IQ700  and IQ800  models have an anti-vibration design – useful if you stay in a busy apartment complex or don’t want to disturb family members. They can be expensive to buy and maintain, but the best automatic washing machine models will have plenty of water and energy-saving features.  

2. Want a Machine that Is Natural for First-time Users to Get the Hang of? Buy a Semi-automatic Washing Machine.

semi-automatic model with give you a lot more control over the washing process, with a simpler selection of wash programs to choose from. If you want a cheap, easy-to-use, and easy-to-repair model, then these will be ideal for you.  

3. In Need of a Powerful Cleaning Machine? Choose a Front Loading Washing Machine.

Front loading washing machines are usually automatic, and can spin a lot faster than the top loading machines. However, they tend to be a bit more costly and take up more space.  

4. Short on Space? Go for a Top Loading Machine.

A top loading washing machine is great if you are short on space – the machines can be smaller and you don’t have to worry about opening a door in the front of the machine. You can get them in semi-automatic and fully-automatic models, with plenty of different programs to choose from.  

5. Size Matters.

Are you living in a small apartment where space is a premium? Well, you will need a washing machine that fits into the room available. Make sure that you measure the space where you intend to put your new machine, then check the dimensions of each model to ensure that they really will fit in there!  

6. Calculate the Washing Machine Capacity You Need.

For every child that you have, it seems that the volume of dirty clothes to wash grows exponentially! A smaller family will not need a huge washing machine, however. Think about how many clothes you wash on a typical week, and what drum size of washing machine you would need to get them all clean for you. If you want to know what machine capacity is appropriate for the size of your family, the Surf excel Washing Machine Comparison Guide  allows you to search for models based on the number of family members you have to do laundry for.  

7. High Upfront Costs Might Still Save Money in the Long-term.

Balancing which washing machine is best with the family’s budget constraints is always tricky. Naturally, you want a machine that will work well, but not eat into your savings. Bear in mind that the more expensive washing machines are often more durable and energy efficient – so they could save you more money in the long term than a cheaper model would.  

8. Consider the Warranty.

You want a washing machine that’ll last for many years without losing its cleaning efficiency. Always check to see how long the machine’s warranty lasts, as well as the maintenance support provided by the company in the event of something going wrong.  

9. Gadgets and Extras.

Some people love their time-saving gadgets! Others are less excited, and don’t mind working without them. There are some washing machines that link to your smartphone and can inform you when the wash cycle is finished. Electrolux automatic washing machines can be programmed with a delay start of up to 48 hours. The washing machines with the most gadgets tend to be more expensive, so this is something to keep in mind.  

 10. Read the Customer Reviews.

Looking at online product reviews is a great way to find the best automatic washing machine by public opinion, for example.  

Hopefully, now you should know how to choose a good washing machine, taking into account all the many options available and the needs of your family. Good luck with your new purchase! And if you have any ideas or want to share your experiences, please let us know in the comments below!