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Siemens Washing Machines - An Overview

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-range, high quality washing machine to wow your friends and family, look no further! German manufacturer Siemens, big brother to Bosch, brings all the excellence of fine engineering, top quality parts, and aesthetics to creating first class washing machines! Here is a bit more information about Siemens washing machines available in India, specifically for our Matic Moms.

Siemens Washing Machines for India

Like Bosch, Siemens specializes in producing the very latest front loading fully automatic machines –something you’d expect from a luxury white good brand. If you’re the type of Matic Mom who wants her washing machine to look good and do the best job possible at washing clothes at the same time, Siemens is the brand for you. Siemens’ designs are award-winning: they’re simple, sleek, and easy on the eye.

But washing machines from Siemens don’t just look good; they’re some of the most energy-efficient machines on the market, too – which is of course great for a country like India, where water is incredibly precious! Here are some of the environmentally friendly features of Siemens washing machines in India:

  • All Siemens washing machines have a triple A rating, which means they are as energy efficient as you can get.
  • VarioPerfect settings allow you to choose whether you want your wash to take up to 65% less time, or be up to 50% more energy efficient.
  • The IQ 500 and IQ 700 washing machine models have waterPerfect Plus – a sensor that adjusts the water level of the machine according to the load.
  • The IQ 800 I-Dos system automatically assesses how much detergent and water it needs for a cycle.

The IQ 800 is the most energy-efficient Siemens washing machine available in India. It uses 10% less electricity than a conventional triple-A rated machine.  

Useful Extra Features

Each Siemens machine has a unique profile, so you’ll need to think hard before making your choice. Some of the extra features available on Siemens machines include:

  • Rapid 15: a short cycle for lightly soiled clothes
  • Sports cycle: for microfiber clothes
  • Timer: delay the start of your wash up to 24 hours
  • Stain removal programs: designed for particular stains or fabric
  • Wave or VarioSoft drums: for better handling of gentle washes, like delicates and woolens

For more information on Siemens models, take a look at our washing machine comparison tool, or check out the manufacturer’s website.

Tips from Our Matic Moms about Siemens Washing Machines

Our Matic Moms like the sound of the features available on Siemens washing machines! Here are some of their comments:

  • “The stain removal program is a good feature. Good program features for light dirty clothes.”
  • “The microfiber feature is too good as it helps in treating your clothes well.”
  • “Saves 10% electricity…Really useful for women in India to maintain their monthly budget."

 Do you have a Siemens washing machine? Why do you love it? Let us know in the comments box below