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Save water, choose the right washing machine!

Almost every Indian household uses a washing machine everyday to wash their laundry but have you ever thought how much water and energy is used for every wash? One of the easiest ways to cut down on your monthly electricity bill and water consumption is choosing the right washing machine. When you go to purchase a washer for your clothes, what features do you look for? Whether it’s fully automatic or not, whether it can be moved from one place to the other, the price, etc. But have you ever checked the Energy star label on it.

So when you go to choose a washing machine, here are few things that you should look for:

  1. Type of Machine:

    The washing machines come in two types, front loading and top loading. Top loading ones are priced lower and are more popular than front loaders. But, the front-loading models save water and can be integrated under countertops. 

  2. Energy star labels can help you save on the natural resources as they use about 20% less energy and 35% less water to wash your laundry. (Look out for features which help achieving this like Aqua Saver, Motor efficiency, Drum Type, Auto Power off, Eco Friendly Wash) 

  3. Avoid choosing a machine that is too big in size. First, determine the amount of laundry you wash daily and accordingly choose the size of the machine so that there’s limited water consumption. The most commonly used size range is 5.5 kg to 6.5 kg which is sufficient for family size of 4.

  4. Check for a machine that has auto-sensing of the laundry load size as this machine will automatically sense the load and take water accordingly thereby lowering water wastage. 

  5. Special Features: Some Electrolux washing machines have unique features like Aqua saver which allows you to reuse the water from the last rinse cycle. This results in a considerable amount of water savings. 

  6. Price:

    Electrolux, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Godrej and Videocon are the leading brands in the market which sell washers that help you save up on your natural resources. The price range is between Rs. 20,000 to Rs 40,000/-. Apart from the above mentioned points, the way we wash our laundry also matters. 

Here are a few mistakes we do while washing our clothes:

  • A lot of times we consider to wash our clothes with warm water for easy removal of stains. Washing the clothes in warm water uses 10 times more energy than the cold wash.
  • A lot of people end up setting the water level to extra large no matter how big their laundry is. Check the laundry size & set the water levels accordingly.
  • Do you wash your bathing towels every day? Towels are made of thick materials and thus take a major part of your laundry and soak in a lot of water. Consider washing them every 2 days to save significant amount of water and energy.

Saving electricity and water are major goals to achieve. Do follow these instructions; it will help to save your hard-earned money too!

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