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Samsung Washing Machines: An Overview

Most Matic Moms will have heard of our partner Samsung, the innovative hi-tech Korean company that produces a wide range of home appliances, including washing machines. You’ll find a good range of Samsung washing machine models available at your local white goods store, since Samsung likes to tailor all their products specifically to the Indian market.  

Samsung top-loading washing machines

Think about all the things that bug you about your current top-loading washing machine. Now check out one of the latest Samsung top-loading washing machines. We’re pretty sure you’ll find all the solutions to your problems – Samsung has spent time addressing all those nagging issues that gradually become extremely annoying over time, making sure their machines are simple, easy, and effortless to use.

Wouldn’t it be great, for example, if you could do a quick prewash of any stained clothes in your machine, avoiding the messy and wasteful process of transferring dripping wet garments from the sink to the machine? Samsung’s ActiveWash+ System means your fully automatic top-loading machine has a sink and water jet built in, so that you can hand wash delicates or pre-treat garments away from the sink – and save the water for a subsequent wash.

Wobble technology means your clothes are agitated, but don’t tangle during the wash. And the lids of new Samsung machines are designed to close slowly, instead of slamming – they’re also transparent, so you can watch what’s going on inside. Samsung’s semi-automatic machines are also nifty: they have big, scuff-proof wheels and a movable handle to help you shift the machine around.

The traditional two-drum system is improved by the addition of a highly useful EZ Wash Tray in blue, red, or purple – this useful tool can be used as a scrubbing board or a rinse tray when slid across one or either of the drums. The Air Turbo Drying system is designed to add air to your spin to get clothes dryer, faster – something that’ll appeal to all Matic Moms!  

Samsung front-loading washing machines

If you’re thinking about buying a front-loading Samsung washing machine, you be pleased to know that the brand has developed innovative and attractive features for these as well. Some models are even offered with a 10-year motor warranty! Check out the exciting features below:

  • Eco Bubble Wash: to disperse detergent effectively and provide gentler agitation.
  • Diamond Drum: diamond shaped indentations on the drum reduce snags and increase washing performance.
  • Large capacity machines: up to 12kg.
  • VRT Plus: for vibration-free and silent washing.
  • Ceramic Heaters: these prevent limescale build-up and increase the durability of your machine.
  • 15 wash cycle.
  • Self-clean program.

For more information, take a look at the Samsung website here.

Which of the Samsung washing machine features do you enjoy most? What makes it better than other washing machines? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.