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New Washing Machine Developments

It’s hard to keep up with changes in technology, especially when you’re a busy mum with no time to spare. But if you’re looking to buy a new washing machine, you’ll want know what the most recent developments are. How can the latest washing machines help improve the lives of you and your family?  

Here is some information on new washing machine developments especially for our Matic Mums.

New and Efficient Washing Machines

The latest washing machines can spin clothes faster – drying them quicker. Great news when you need a quick turnaround to get your kid’s clothes ready to wear again tomorrow! These new machines agitate water through the clothes more effectively, reducing the time, water, energy, and of course the cost of doing your laundry. Detergents with the latest formulas, like Surf excel Matic, are more effective in these new washing machines, too – they clean just as well as normal, but at lower temperatures.       

Waterless Washing Machines

One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a washing machine is that they can be costly to run in terms of water and electricity bills. New technology is beginning to emerge that reduces the amount of water used in a normal-sized washing machine, bringing the quantity almost down to zero! A waterless washing machine sounds almost a contradictory in terms, but several companies have produced models that either use hyper-absorbent polymer beads to soak up any dirt on from fabrics, or a steam-cleaning system that uses considerably less water.            

The Latest Washing Machine Models: Smartphone-Controlled Machines

Wouldn’t it be great if you could set and run your washing machine cycles from anywhere – while taking your children to school, preparing dinner, or visiting the shops? Well, with the new Wi-Fi enabled washing machines, you can receive updates on your smartphone to let you know your wash cycle is coming to an end; or you can use an app to start or pause the cycle any time you want! Samsung has just featured this new gadgetry on their latest washing machine models.

Machines with Stain Removal Settings

Several washing machine manufacturers are now creating models with dedicated stain-removal settings, where your washing machine selects the type of cycle to run according the stain on your garment. Imagine how many hours of scrubbing this bit of technology could save you when the kids come home from school with stains and dirt all over their clothes!

Machines with Sanitizer Programs

These are particularly useful if you have babies or very small children at home. Sanitizer cycles use hot water at temperatures high enough to kill bacteria and germs embedded in the fabrics of clothes.    


These machines can be a life-saver for families with no space to hang laundry or store multiple machines. Combined washer-dryers can save you a huge amount of hassle. Just load in your family’s clothes, add Surf excel Matic, select the wash and dryer cycle … and that’s your work all done!

What is your favourite feature or gadget on your new washing machine? What washing machine development would you most like to see invented? Let us know in the comments section below!