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IFB Washing Machines: An Overview

The motto of well-known Indian manufacturer IFB is ‘Set Yourself Free’, and that is exactly what our partner aims to do for you with their latest washing machine models. No more labour-intensive semi-automatic washing machines for IFB: in the future, everyone should have an affordable, fully automatic machine at home. And these need to be simple, stylish and easy to use – something Matic Moms can definitely identify with!

What makes IFB washing machine models so attractive? The fact that you can get many of the features you might find on a much more expensive model, for a far better price. If you’re thinking about buying an IFB fully automatic washing machine, why not use our machine comparison tool to see what you can get for less, or check out our overview of their features below?

IFB top-loading machines

When it comes to affordable top-loading options, IFB washing machine models offer a great range of features:

  • A 7-stage Aqua Spa wash cycle.
  • Pre-set programs.
  • Fully customizable wash settings: water level; agitation; rinse; spin; and temperature.
  • Auto softener dispenser: adds softener during the wash, so you don’t have to.
  • 3D waterfall technology.
  • Sophisticated agitation system.
  • See-through lid.

Top-loading machines are a great next step-up from semi-automatic washing machines. Because they have one tub, rather than two, they tend to take up less space; they can perform a soak, wash, rinse and spin cycle all in one place; and can be moved around more than front-loading machines. Learn more about fully automatic washing machines here.

IFB front loading washing machines

IFB’s user-friendly approach means you can have lovely clean clothes from a fully automatic front-loading washing machine, without having to press a million buttons! The company’s front-loading models feature a crescent moon shaped drum and have Air Bubble Wash and Auto Imbalance systems that help to control agitation to take better care of delicate fabrics.

They also have a foam control system and cleaning program to keep your machine clean and functioning to the best of its ability. And if you buy an IFB washing machine in India, you know that as an Indian manufacturer, their machines are tailored to your needs – so your clothes are safe in their hands. To find out more and browse their range of washing machines, take a look at the IFB website here.

Tips from Our Matic Moms about IFB Washing Machines

Our Matic Moms have had some great experiences with IFB washing machines! Here are some of their comments about IFB:

  • “When it comes to affordable top-loading options, IFB washing machine models offer a great 7-stage Aqua Spa wash cycle.”
  • “IFB is certainly for keeps, simple to operate, easy pre-set cycles, very sturdy & clothes come out clean. I have been using for last 10 years & my mom for last 16 yrs without any issues. Need I say any more?”                                                            

Do you have an IFB washing machine? What made you choose your model? We’d love to hear from you! Share your experiences in the comment box below.