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How to Choose the Best Washing Machine

Washing machines are getting more and more popular in India – whether it be for couples looking for a machine for the home, or relatives purchasing practical gifts for newlyweds. If you’re considering buying a washing machine and have done a bit of browsing, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t just one washing machine brand available in India – there are hundreds!

This choice can be a little overwhelming, especially for first time buyers, but don’t worry. By knowing what to look out for, you can find a machine that is an excellent compromise between price and quality.

Washing Machine Prices: Finding Affordable and High Quality Machines

As washing machines become more common, their prices have dropped – even the best washing machine in India today isn’t shockingly overpriced. However, if you’re working to a strict budget, you’ll want to find ways to avoid unnecessary cost. One way to avoid high prices is to look specifically for a top loading washing machine rather than a front load washing machine. There are three benefits to this choice. First, top loading machines are often far less costly. Second, their design means they take up less space in the home. And third, there’s no bending down to load and unload clothes, which can wreak havoc on your back!

Front loading washing machines, on the other hand, are more efficient in both water and energy use, which will lower your utility bills in the long term. As these machines use gravity to submerge the clothes, there is no need to fill the entire drum – great in times of water scarcity. Also, front loading washing machines don't need agitators to drag the clothes through the soapy water, reducing electricity use and preserving your delicate fabrics. One area where you might not want to skimp on price is the choice between an automatic or semi automatic machine. If possible, always choose the fully automatic option, which will take care of the whole washing process from start to finish.

While a semi automatic machine may be more affordable, the effort of having to manually add water and dry the clothes afterwards detracts from the main benefit of a washing machine: convenience! With proper care for your washing machine, it can last up to 10 years, so it is worth paying more for a quality machine.

If you’re in any doubt, or are confused by the various options, read washing machine reviews online – they can be very useful. In terms of cost, it’s not just the machine itself to think about – there’s detergent, too. To reduce costs, don’t be tempted to overload your machine with detergent. By adding too much you could end up with residue on your clean clothes.

You can trust Surf Excel to help you answer any questions about detergents – they have provided a handy chart that will help you determine how much detergent you need to put in your top loading, front loading, or high efficiency washing machine, depending on the water quality and how dirty your laundry is.

Maintaining an Environmentally Friendly Household

Throughout many parts of India there are concerns about water conservation, and some cities throughout the country do not have a regular or reliable supply. We should all be doing our part to help save water.

When using a washing machine, there are some tips and tricks to help reduce both your water consumption and the amount of energy used. If your machine has a load selector, you can set this to the size of each specific load of washing, which means only the necessary amount of water will be used for that wash. But don’t worry if your machine doesn’t have this option – simply delay doing the laundry until you have a full load, to make the most of the water.

If you’ve got kids who like to get messy, you shouldn’t need to delay too long! Also consider using cold washes for clothes that aren’t badly stained. This saves electricity that would be used to heat water, and also does less damage to clothes in the long run. If you want to know more about how to choose the best washing machine, please check out our washing machine advice and washing machine comparison guide!

Have you recently purchased a washing machine? Has it made your life easier? Be sure to share your own tips for finding the best washing machine, and your money-saving laundry ideas!