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How to Buy a Washing Machine Online – A Strategy Guide

It’s amazing to think that not long ago, buying a washing machine took a lot of effort! It meant trekking halfway across town to visit a showroom that might not have the exact washer you were looking for. Even if we did find a machine we liked, we would have to order it, and it would probably only arrive weeks later.

How times have changed! Now it’s possible to buy a washing machine online at a click of a button and have it delivered within seven days. But how exactly do you go about buying a washing machine online? 

The Best Washing Machine For You: Making a List of Criteria

Before you start searching online to find the best washing machines in India, there are a few things you need to consider. Start by making a list of criteria, divided into needs and wants – features that are necessary to have, and features that you would like to have. Here are some suggestions:

Needs (‘must have’ features of your washing machine)

  • Price – What is your budget, including warranty, delivery, and installation costs?
  • The outer size of the machine – How big can your washer be? This is determined by the space you have available in your home.
  • The inner size of the machine – This is the capacity of one wash. Do you frequently do large loads of laundry? The average drum size is 6kg.
  • Top loader or front loader – You need to decide which option is best for you.
  • Water and energy efficiency – These features will be important for the environment, as well as having an impact on the day-to-day cost.
  • Noise – Depending on your living circumstances, this could be very important.
  • Delivery – How fast do you need the machine to be delivered?
  • Installation – Is this included in the price, or do you need to arrange for someone to do this for you?

Wants (‘would like to have’ features of your washer)

  • Cold wash or delicate cycles
  • Eco, half-load, and fast cycles
  • Child lock
  • The ability to open the door during a cycle
  • High spin speed (1000 rpm is a good top speed, but higher speeds dry clothes more, can be noisier, and require more energy.)
  • Ability to delay the start time
  • A particular aesthetic or brand
  • Removal service for your old machine

The Best Washing Machines: Prices & Types

Now that you have a better idea of what you need and want, you’ll need to find out which brands and models fit your criteria. It’s a good idea to ask friends and family for their recommendations, but you should also check out the hundreds of reviews available online for opinions on the best washing machines. Consumer comparison sites usually list model specifications side-by-side, and can provide you with further information on:

  • Washing machine performance and reliability
  • Manufacturer customer service (this can be important in the long run if you have any issues with your new machine)
  • Reputation of various online retailers
  • Prices and online sales or discounts

While online reviews are incredibly useful at giving you a broad idea of a manufacturer or model’s reputation, washing machine comparison sites that actually test the individual models may be a more reliable and effective shortcut. These sites, however, usually feature some sort of pay-wall – you may have to subscribe to be able to see a particular review! Once you’ve decided on a particular washing machine model, the next step is to narrow down your search further via a price comparison site.  This will give you an idea of where to buy which model, along with a range of prices.

Always remember to factor delivery prices into the total cost of a purchase – some sites include this in their list of washing machine prices, while others do not. When choosing your retailer, also look to see whether they offer a part-payment scheme, if you can’t afford to buy the washing machine with one large payment. Also, be aware that timing is often crucial to getting a good price: many offers are only available online, or for a limited time, like during annual sales.

The Best Washing Machine: Purchasing a Washer Online

You’ve chosen a brand and model, found a good price, and made sure that you’re buying from a reputable online retailer. You’re nearly ready to purchase your washing machine online! But to alleviate any remaining doubts, remember there’s no harm in visiting the manufacturer’s local showroom to see the washing machine in person.

Phone before you visit to check that the model is in stock. Also double-check your chosen online retailer’s returns policy – this could be important if the machine you ordered turns out to be unsuitable for you or your family. Since washing machines are an expensive purchase for most households, it’s always worth doing a last minute search for online discount codes that can be used in conjunction with the online store you’re using.

The last thing you need to do is check that your chosen site is secure for making payments online – it should display the letters ‘https’ in the browser window when transferring to its payment gateway. Once you’ve made your purchase, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and wait for it to be delivered.

Read the instruction manual and then reap the rewards of having purchased one of the best washing machines in India – online!

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