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Godrej Washing Machines: An Overview

With a phrase like ‘Brighter Living’ guiding the manufacturing process, you know you’re going to get something a little different when buying a Godrej washing machine. The designs are fun and stylish, and their technological ethics are all about being green. Godrej Washing Machines are aimed at modern Matic Moms who want eco-friendly designer appliances. If that sounds like you, read on!

Godrej fully automatic washing machines

The Godrej range of top-loading washing machines is jam packed full of eco-friendly features specifically designed to cope with India’s challenging water and energy situation:  

  1. DAC technology (or Dry Tap Protection) puts the machine in sleep mode if there is a water or power failure.
  2. Auto restart with memory back up.You can either manually save settings, or have the machine do it for you, so that your wash is resumed at exactly the right point in the wash – no wasting water or electricity starting the whole process again!
  3. Fuzzy logic. This in-built technology senses the size of the load and adjusts the water level and wash type accordingly.
  4. Auto-stop feature. Once the cycle has finished and the buzzer sounded, the machine automatically turns off.

The latest Godrej models have up to 10 pre-set washing programs aimed at different types of fabrics, and a similar number of soaking settings, all of which can be controlled from an ergonomically designed digital display. Matic moms will love the cloth load indicator that helps you look after your machine by preventing overloading – and there’s a tub cleaning program too! Extra water can be added to the wash at any time, and many models circulate this fresh rinse using Godrej’s Cascade Effect.

The gravity drum and its auto-balance system make sure your clothes are agitated in the right way. There’s even an exciting new stain-removal system that uses sonic waves to deep clean your clothes! And, of course, a detergent mixer is standard in these modern machines. Godrej also has one of the few machines on the Indian market with a tilted front-loading drum.

The WI Eon 550 is an excellent compromise between a top and front-loading machine: it is ergonomically designed to prevent matic mums from developing back problems when loading and unloading clothes into their washing machine!

Godrej semi automatic washing machines

You can still have a stylish, modern machine, even if you’re not yet ready to commit to a flashier fully automatic model. Godrej semi-automatic washing machines are a modern take on the traditional format.

For example, Godrej was the first Indian manufacturer to introduce transparent toughened glass lids on their machines. Other semi-automatic features include:

  • Large capacities: you can find a suitable Godrej machine for up to 8.5 kg (GDS 950).
  • A fully rust-proof body.
  • Two wash programs.
  • Tri-roto scrub, Pulse 4, or Hexascrub agitation systems.
  • Optima Water Force technology.
  • Active soak.
  • End of cycle buzzer.
  • 2 year warranty.

Tips from Our Matic Moms about Godrej Washing Machines

Our Matic Moms have good things to say about Godrej washing machines! Here is one of their comments:

  • “The Fuzzy Logic feature saves the burden of checking the water level and load.”

Why did you choose a Godrej washing machine? Which features do you love? Let us know in the comment box below.