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Fuzzy Logic Washing Machines - What Are They, and How Do They Work?

If you’ve been checking out new washing machines, you might have come across the term

Fuzzy Logic

It sounds like one of those made-up phrases that manufacturers use make the features of their machine’s sound more fancy; but ‘Fuzzy logic’ is actually a technical term to describe something that functions according to a system of non-exact reasoning.

So what is fuzzy logic in washing machines? If you look up ‘what is fuzzy logic’ in washing machine manuals, you’ll probably find an explanation that goes something like this: Fuzzy washing machines contain sensors that assess your wash load and continuously adjust the settings of the cycle to produce the most efficient and economical wash possible.

Sounds like a pretty attractive washing machine feature, doesn’t it? So how exactly do fuzzy based washing machines work?

Fuzzy Logic Control Systems in Washing Machines

No two fuzzy control systems are alike: different manufacturers use different combinations of sensors and settings to give the machine better control over the way clothes are washed. Various systems assess and adjust some or all of the elements below, depending on the make and model of machine.

  • The weight of the load
  • The type of fabric
  • The amount and temperature of the water
  • The amount of detergent
  • The dirt in the water or rinse needs
  • The type and length of agitation needed
  • The speed and duration of the spin cycle

Which Machines Have Fuzzy Logic?

Fuzzy logic settings aren’t always labeled as such. In fact, many of the front-loading machines have built-in smart sensors that can contribute to every cycle, instead of one specific setting. The new Electrolux Time Manager, for example, has a foam detector to adjust the length of the rinse cycle. This Bosch machine has an automatic load adjuster to evaluate how much water to use and how long the cycle should be.

This Siemens washing machine has an innovative detergent dosage evaluator. But don’t be mistaken in thinking that fuzzy logic settings are the kind of feature you’d only find on front-loading machines. Godrej , IFB and Samsung all have top-loading models with a one-touch fuzzy logic setting – all you need to do is press a button to activate the fully self-regulating mode.  

Our Matic Moms’ Opinions on Fuzzy Logic Washing Machines

Fuzzy logic can really help make doing the laundry easier! Here are some of the opinions of our Matic Moms on this new technology:

“Use washing machine technology to improve life and maximize your gadget.”

“Fuzzy logic machines can be a little more expensive than semi-automatic ones. It requires a slightly higher initial investment but on the long term one makes savings through the optimal use of water, detergents and power.”

Do you have a fuzzy logic machine? Do you enjoy the way it cleans your clothes? Share your thoughts with other Matic mums below.