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Finding the Best Front Loading or Top Loading Washing Machine

‘Which is the best washing machine?’ It’s a question many of us ask when we’re looking for a new machine for the home, but unfortunately it’s also a very difficult question to answer. The truth is that both front loading machines and top loading machines have their advantages and their own features and functions, and what’s right for one family may not be right for the next. What’s ‘best’ is subjective, and is determined by each family’s own needs, requirements, and preferences.

If you’re looking to find the best washing machine for you, check out our handy washing machine comparison guide, which will help you find the right make and model for your home.

The Best Front Loading Washing Machine Appliances

The most obvious way that front-loading washing machines differ from their top-loading counterparts is that the drum is set horizontally (rather than vertically) into the machine. This impacts significantly on the way they work, which is worth bearing in mind when you are trying to compare the best front-loading washing machine you can find with a top-loading machine of similar quality. While a top-loading machine relies on an internal agitator to churn clothes up and loosen dirt, a front-loading machine uses gravity and the spinning of the drum to move the clothes around, giving you more room for larger loads.

Front-loading washing machines are very popular due to their energy efficiency – while often even the best top-loading machine needs enough water to cover the entire load, a front-loading machine uses much less, as the particular movement of the drum ensures that clothes will be brought into contact with the water without being constantly submerged. Instead of emptying the drum and refilling it to rinse, as with most top-loading washing machines, front-loading machines usually simply spray clean water through the clothes as the drum rotates, once again saving on the amount of water used.

Less water to heat means that front loading washing machines use much less energy, so more and more of us are seeking out the best front loading washing machine in India in a bid to save money and do our part for the environment. However, it’s still possible to save energy with both kinds of machine – a good quality detergent like Surf excel will allow you to achieve a great wash even at lower temperatures.

What Makes the Best Top Loading Washing Machine?

Despite front-loading washing machines typically being more environmentally friendly, top loading machines are still very popular throughout the country. These machines tend to be more cost effective in the short term, and, being much simpler than front-loading machines, there are fewer mechanisms that would require maintenance.

If you have trouble bending your knees or with your back, the best washing machine option for you might be top loading, as you can simply drop your clothes in while standing. So what makes the best top loading washing machine in India?


Front loading machines tend to boast anything between 700 and 1400 RPM, or revolutions per minute. This indicates how quickly the machine spins your clothing. The advantage of a high RPM is that it gets the majority of water out of your clothes, allowing for quicker drying times. The disadvantage, however, is that high speeds can damage some delicate fabrics. Many shoppers prefer to opt for somewhere in the middle - around 1000 RPM.

If you’re often washing delicate fabrics such as silk sarees for example, a top loading machine could be a better option as they come with lower speed options of as little as 650 RPM.


Washing machines of both types come in a variety of sizes, so it’s worth paying attention to the range available when you’re trying to find the best machine for you. There is little point investing in a machine with a large drum if you can’t be certain it will fit on your home; if you’re struggling to find space for a washing machine, or have a family of 4 or less, a smaller machine should suffice. If, however, you have a large family, it’s worth considering a machine with a greater capacity.


Front loading washing machines are often more costly than top loading machines, although they do save money in the long run by using less water and power to wash clothes. The most cost effective front loading machines in India are priced at around RS 22,000, while the more costly options can reach almost RS 60,000 and above. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for – if you opt for a budget option, don’t expect the same features and settings as a more expensive model.

Top loading machines can be purchased for as little as RS 13,000, so if cost is a deciding factor, top loading machines may be better for your family.


It can be nice to have appliances that blend in with the existing decor in the home. Both front loading and top loading machines are not only available in plain white, but also in a variety of more modern and contemporary designs.

For example, the Electrolux Endura semi automatic washing machine has red accents, and the top loading Godrej eon washing machine comes in different shades of red. If aesthetics are important to you, then it’s worth getting a machine you’ll love.

Which is the Best Washing Machine in India?

The ‘best’ washing machine in India is one that meets your needs perfectly. Whether that be a front or top loading machine, a large or compact machine, a simple or intricately design machine, and so on.

Remember, there is no right or wrong when it comes to choosing a new washing machine for your home, it all comes down to personal preference. What will you choose?