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5 Tips for Getting the Best from Your Washing Machine

Washing machines in India include fully automatic and semi-automatic models, as well as top-loading and front-loading ones – but no matter what, they all play an essential role in making your life a lot easier!

Here are 5 tips that will help you keep both your washing machine and your family’s clothes in great condition!  

  1. Check the Garment Tags Before Washing

    This is the number one rule to follow. Garments can be ruined if you spin them at the wrong speed or use the wrong setting.

    Most clothing comes with garment tags that indicate the correct way to care for them, including water temperature and cycle setting, as well as drying and ironing options.

    Even if the garment tags ask for hand wash only, some washing machines have programmes that can handle delicate material like silk and wool, such as these Bosch models. 

  2. Use the Right Water Temperature and Wash Settings on Your Washing Machine

    Clothes can be damaged if the water temperature is too hot. On the other hand, some fabrics like cottons only clean properly at higher temperatures. So it is very important to follow the garment tag instructions and not to mix clothes that should be washed at different temperatures.

    If your washing machine does not allow for a choice in water temperature, you should still make sure that the other settings are the best options for your clothes. Many machines have settings for ‘cotton’ or ‘synthetic’ materials, as well as for ‘delicates’, and choosing the right setting can make a big difference.

  3. Sort the laundry before washing

    One of the biggest risks when machine washing clothes is that colors can bleed together. If you mix non-colourfast red clothing with white garments, your white shirt can come out looking a shade of pink! To avoid this, make sure to always wash similar colors together. Similarly, garments should also be sorted according to fabric type and level of soiling, and washed with similar garments. 

  4. Empty all pockets before washing

    When playing, your curious kids may pick up all sorts of strange things and stash them in their pockets — pebbles, flowers, crayons, who knows what else? Items like these can create a mess if they go into the washing machine and damage the garments in the wash load. To save yourself from significant hassle, make sure to turn all pockets inside out before washing your family’s garments and remove anything inside. 

  5. Protect delicate items with laundry bags

    You can easily purchase a mesh or laundry bag, which will be invaluable for washing delicate items. Bra hooks can snag on other material, or other items in the wash load can scratch and snag more delicate ones. A mesh or laundry bag will prevent this from happening and protect most delicate items from these dangers and from getting too agitated during the wash process. 

    Keep them in the bag for the spin cycle as well. Keep these 5 tips in mind and you’ll ensure your washing machine will be around for a long time to wash your family’s clothes. What other top laundry tips would you recommend?