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5 Great Washing Machine Comparison Tips

Have you ever felt a little overwhelmed when researching the best washing machines online? Who could blame you - there are so many choices available today that it’s sometimes difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’re here to help. This washing machine features comparison can be used alongside Surf excel’s washing machine comparison guide to help you find the best machine for you and your family.  

Compare Washing Machine Features

Manufacturer websites such as Electrolux are great as they include a fully automatic washing machine comparison option that really helps you narrow down the choices, but even these handy guides only allow you to compare based on the main features such as front or top-loading, capacity, and size. We want to help you narrow down your choices even further.

Here are five considerations to take into account when purchasing a new washing machine for your home. These features often aren’t thought about prior to buying, but can make a huge difference in terms of how your washing machine meets your family’s needs and requirements.  

Self-cleaning machines vs. manually cleaned machines

Self-cleaning washing machines are considered to be some of the most technologically advanced machines on the market.

They include sensors which indicate when specific areas of the machine –namely the drum and the detergent drawer – have become overloaded with lint or soapy residue, and need to be cleaned in order for the machine to do its job properly.

The downside of this technology is that it can bump the price of the machine up quite significantly.  

Choose self-cleaning if…

You’re constantly on the go, balancing your work and home life. It’s well worth the extra to have the peace of mind that your washing machine is taking care of itself.  

Choose manual cleaning if…

You’re looking for a budget model, or if you think you’d have the time to give your machine a quick clean on a regular basis. It’s not difficult – you can find great advice here about how to clean your washing machine. 

Stackable front-loaders vs. non stackable machines

Although top-loading washing machine have dominated the market in India for quite some time, front-loading machines are now coming into their own. Some manufacturers, such as Bosch , have even stopped producing top-loading machines in India. Front-loading machines open up the door to stacking, but is a stackable washer the right option for you?  

Choose stacking if…

You have very limited space for your appliances at home. By stacking a washing machine and a dryer, for example, you can build up, rather than out, saving on valuable floor space.  

Chose non-stacking if…

You have the space at home to install appliances at floor level. This is a much more stable option, it can reduce the risk of damage, and you don’t need to purchase stacking materials.  

Silent wash vs. regular wash

Washing machines are great, but they do have one downside – the noise. Unfortunately, the noise has been something unavoidable… until now. Some of the newest washing machines available in India, such as the Samsung WF-WW7000, offer silent wash options, which reduce the spin and minimise vibrations to keep the sound level down. An issue with this, however, is that the spin needed to be reduced to just 800RPM, down from the standard 1400RPM.  

Choose silent wash if…

You have babies or young children at home who may be woken by loud noises. Also consider this if you have delicate flooring that could be damaged by vigorous machine movement.  

Choose regular wash if…

You don’t own a dryer and you need your clothes to be as dry as possible by the time they finish their wash cycle. The higher RPM will help to remove more excess water.  

Hot vs. cold water inlets

This might sound like it’s on the technical side, but don’t worry, it’s very easy to understand. Most fully-automatic washing machines have just one cold water inlet, which means the machine heats the water to the stated temperature – usually around 30 to 40 degrees celsius. There are a few machines, however, that have both a hot and cold water inlet, such as the Electrolux Viva Logic Super ET62VSMR.

This brings hot water directly into the machine, reducing energy usage.  

Choose cold water inlets if…

You’re looking for a budget washing machine that’s easy to maintain. Remember – the more parts your machine has, the more complex it can be to fix if something goes wrong.  

Choose hot & cold water inlets if... 

You’re actively seeking ways to reduce your energy usage at home. A machine with a hot and cold water inlet can help minimise unnecessary energy use, and reduce your household bills.  

Classic vs. modern design

When washing machines were first introduced in India, they weren’t particularly user friendly. There were a few issues that made it difficult for some people to use them properly, including doors that didn’t open fully, or low drums which caused back pain. Today, some machines offer doors which open to 140 degrees, rather than 90, and tilted drums that mean we don’t need to bend to such a difficult angle to load and unload the laundry.  

Choose modern machines if…

You feel the more classic designs would cause you problems. The whole point of a washing machine is to make life easier for you, so don’t settle for something that isn’t perfect.  

Choose classic machines if…

You have limited space for appliances in your home. There is something to be said for angular machines with 90 degree openings – they’re more compact, and are easier to find space for.  

Compare Washing Machine Prices

Of course, a big part of comparison is washing machine prices. While it’s important to consider a machine’s features, especially with there being so many new features out there, you ultimately need to find a machine that fits in with your budget. When comparing prices, it’s vital that you know why some machines are cheaper, and some more expensive, than others.

This guide tells you all you need to know about comparing washing machine prices so you can find the washing machine that is best for you! Washing machines are investments – so buy wisely, not in hurry.

Consult your near & dear ones, and before buying, make sure you ask for a conclusive demo.