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Stains on Clothes: Dealing with Everyday Dirt & Grime

Every time we leave the house, we’re putting ourselves at risk of getting stains on our clothes. Even when performing mundane tasks, such as walking to the local shops or picking the kids up from school, there are three big risk factors when it comes to stains: sweat, grease, and dirt.

It’s impossible not to sweat under the hot Indian sun, and it’s so simple to brush up against parked bikes and end up with a nice big grease stain on your clothes. It’s also easy to end up with dirt or mud stains – especially if your little ones are playing a sport! Fortunately, there are simple techniques for getting these stains out with Surf excel.   

How to Remove Sweat Stains from Collars

When we sweat, we lose salt from the body, and this salt is what forms the sweat stains on clothes. These marks are usually found where we sweat the most – the back, the armpits, and the neck. While sweat stains aren’t too noticeable on black and other dark garments, they are very noticeable on white and light coloured tops – particularly around the collar. To remove sweat stains: * Make a paste from baking soda and water. * Apply as an excellent pre-wash treatment. * Work the area, scrubbing hard, and using a bit of elbow grease to thoroughly remove stains from the fibres. * Wash as normal with Surf excel.  

How to Remove Grease Stains

If you or your kids regularly ride bicycles, then you’ll know that sometimes you might get grease on your clothing after the ride! Fortunately, it is easy to remove bike grease, and it’s done in much the same way as you’d remove cooking oil. This is how to remove grease stains: * First, sprinkle an absorbent powder like cornstarch or baby powder onto the garment to draw out the grease. * Then, treat the stain with some laundry detergent – massage it into the stain. Leave to soak in for 10 minutes. * Wash the garment as normal with Surf excel.  

How to Remove Mud & Dirt from Kid’s Clothes

If your kids are into sports, or simply like to play outdoors, you’re probably used to them coming home with lots of mud and grass stains on their clothes! Not treating dirt stains properly can lead to discoloured clothing – bright whites end up a dullish brown. The trick for treating general dirt stains is to treat them with very hot water and leave the garment to soak in a detergent and water solution overnight, before washing it as normal. It’s best to avoid using hot water on delicate garments.

Do you have any good tips for removing stubborn dirt and grime? What tactics do you use to make sure you win the battle against stains on clothes? Share your tips on how to remove grease, mud, and sweat stains below!