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How to Wash Muddy Clothes & Remove Grass Stains

Summer is scorching, with the rainy season just around the corner. This is the season when kids love playing outdoors because they can get wet in the rain and jump around puddles. But along with all the fun come germs, muddy clothes, and grass stains. And as all moms know this is the time when you most need to take care of your children’s health and dirty clothes. So, here are a few quick tips on how to remove mud stains, grass stains, and ground-in dirt without difficulty. Let’s make laundry easier!

How to Remove Mud Stains from Clothes

One important thing to keep in mind when washing muddy clothes is to let the mud dry first. Irrespective of the type of fabric, let the stain dry and let the loose mud fall off the cloth naturally. It is not a good idea to wipe muddy clothes,  as the dirt could spread to other parts of the fabric or seep even deeper into the fibre.

Once the stain has dried, use a brush or plastic knife or spoon to remove it from the cloth. If the stain is tough, sponge it by rubbing alcohol (this will be suitable for cotton, linen, nylon, olefin, polyester, and spandex fabrics) on it. Wash the stain with water and then clean it with Surf excel Liquid detergent.

How to get rid of Grass Stains on Clothes

Grass stains are those green patches around the knee area of shorts, shoes, and dirty clothes! This is a common sight for many moms every evening! Grass stains contain chlorophyll, which causes the green stains on clothes. Also known as dye stain, these green patches are generally stubborn. It is relatively easier to remove grass stains on clothes composed of man-made fabrics like polyester, as opposed to natural fabrics like cotton. Whatever the fabric, it would be wise to treat grass stains at the earliest opportunity. To start off, wash the stained garment in cold water to remove any dirt that might accompany the grass stain. Then make a simple paste of baking soda and plain vinegar.

These are readily available at home and make for one of the simplest solutions. The consistency of the mixture should be like that of toothpaste, to make it spreadable. Take the paste and gradually work it into the stain with your fingers from the under side of the fabric; it will push the dirt out of muddy clothes. Allow the paste to remain on the fabric for at least 15 minutes and wash the garment inside out with cold water and Surf excel liquid detergent or Surf excel Easy Wash.

Depending on the nature of the grass stain, you may have to repeat the process more than once to get rid of the colour completely. However, it would be best if you do not put your garments to dry until the time the stain is gone completely. Once clothes dry, stains become more rigid.

How to Wash Muddy Clothes with Ground-in Dirt Stains

Dirt stains are an everyday affair when you have a little one around. Whether they run in the playground or make mud pies, their clothes simply cannot stay clean. To remove ground-in stains on muddy clothes, the first step would be to scrape off dirt and dry mud with a butter knife or brush.

Do not brush hard; you might end up rubbing the dirt into the fibres of the garment. Once that is done, dab some liquid dishwashing liquid onto the stain along with a few drops of water. Using a toothbrush, mildly rub the stain on both sides of the cloth. Repeat the process if need be and then wash the apparel in cold water using Surf excel liquid detergent. For stubborn dirt stains, you can try the same process with the kind of hand cleaner that mechanics use.

The only difference here would be that after scrubbing, you would have to let the garment soak for at least an hour before washing. Then, wash the fabric in lukewarm water and use Surf excel liquid detergent. Another easy remedy for cleaning very muddy clothes would be borax and baking soda. Mix four parts of warm water with one part of borax and one part of baking soda. After scraping off the excess dirt, soak the stained areas in the solution for two hours.

Thereafter, wash the garment using Surf excel Easy Wash. Do you have some tips to add on how to remove mud stains from clothes, or grassy marks? Please feel free to post them as comments.