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How to Remove Blood Stains

When you have active kids, you have to tackle so many different stains – including blood stains! You probably have had to get rid of blood stains in your little one’s clothes – for example, if he’s fallen down and scraped his knees!

Being a mother means that you need to comfort your little ones if they have hurt themselves – and then you will need to figure out how to get the blood stains out of their clothes! But do you know the best ways to remove blood stains from fabrics?

Luckily, Surf excel is here with some great stain removal advice for you!

Removing Blood Stains from Clothes

You might get different advice about how to remove blood stains from clothes. Some swear by very hot water, whereas others say to only use cold water. Some people recommend pre-treating the stain, others say to just put the stained item into the washing machine with Surf excel Matic.

The truth is, how you tackle the stain should depend on whether the blood stain is fresh or if it is dried – and the type of fabric is an important factor, as well. Remember – before using any stain removal technique, first check the label for any advice about how to care for the garment, and test the technique on a hidden area of fabric.

Step 1: Pre-Treat the Blood Stain

If a blood stain is in cotton or polyester material, then you can try using this method to pre-treat the stain before washing the clothing item.

First, dissolve an aspirin in a glass of water. Then, soak the stained area for five minutes in this solution.

Rinse the stain with clean water – you should start to see it disappear! For blood stains on silk and wool, you should try soaking the stain in cold water first. This will help to loosen the stain.

A fresh blood stain will be easier to remove – but often you will find blood stains only after they have dried – when your kids come home from school or after playing outside. A dried-on stain is more difficult to remove, but not impossible!    

Step 2: Washing a Blood Stain out of Clothing

You can wash cotton or polyester on a normal machine cycle with your favourite Surf excel Matic detergent. For silk and wool garments, wash the item in your washing machine on the wool cycle, which will be more gentle on your delicate fabric. Avoid using a hot wash, as the heat may set the stain!

After the wash is complete, always make sure the stain has disappeared completely before drying. If you can still see some slight discolouration, repeat the steps again, and dry only once you are sure the stain has completely gone.          

Keep Your Clothes Looking Their Best

Yes, blood stains happen frequently – it’s a part of life, and it’s a part of growing up for kids. But, now that you know how to remove blood stains from clothes there is no need to panic when your kids come home with scraped knees.

Just remember, it’s always best to treat a stain as soon as possible!