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How To Remove Stains From Clothes: Crayon Stains

Your little artist has made a wonderful drawing, but now there is as much crayon on his t-shirt as on the paper! So, you now need to figure out how to remove those crayon stains from his clothes. It can be very challenging to remove them.

Don’t worry – Surf Excel Matic is with you to fight the stains and get rid of them. These instructions will help you remove the crayon stains and save your kiddo’s favorite t-shirt from getting stained forever.

  • Keeping a paper towel beneath the stained t-shirt, spray some WD-40 (a lubricant for car parts which is useful for stain removal, too) onto the crayon stains.

Leave it for a few minutes until the stains dissolve onto the paper towel. Turn the t-shirt inside out and repeat the same procedure. Then, you can continue with the normal machine wash.

How to Wash Clothes with Crayon Stains

  • First, wash the t-shirt separately so that the stain doesn’t melt and spoil the other clothes too.
  • Then, wash the t-shirt on the longest wash cycle in your washing machine. This will agitate the stains and force them to leave the garment.
  • Before the drying process begins, check if there are any stains left on the t-shirt– the heat from the dryer will set the crayon stain on your fabric for good.
  • If the stains have been removed, then go ahead with the drying process. If any stains are still present, opt to air dry the garment instead.

Do not go for another wash immediately – this can spoil the fabric and remove the shine, too. Once the fabric is completely dry, go for a normal wash cycle.

Melted Crayon Stain Removal

Sometimes, your kids will leave a crayon in their pocket and we forget to remove it before putting it in the washing machine!

The crayon melts because of the heat of the washer and leaves stains on all the other clothes, too, increasing your work! In such cases, follow these instructions for stain removal:

  • Fill your machine drum with hot water.
  • Add Surf excel Matic and your clothes to the drum. You do not need to soak your clothes since Surf excel Matic can remove tough stains easily!
  • Before drying, check the drum of your washer for crayon stains – then the clothes will get stained again and you will have to repeat the entire process of washing, which can be tiring.

This may seem time consuming, but it’s better than the color stain settling on your kiddo’s favorite t-shirt. When it’s stain-free again, you’ll surely find the effort totally worth it!

Does your kiddo get messy when painting and drawing? Do you have more tips how to remove stains from clothes?