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How to Get Mud & Clay Out of Clothes

Kids love to play with mud and clay and get messy, while moms dread the stains that are left behind for them to battle with. Fortunately, with the tips that follow, and your trusted Surf excel, you will be able to handle all mud and clay stains easily.

To remove clay and mud stains, think back to geography class

Perhaps you remember studying about different kinds of soil in school. Some soils are loose, more sandy and rough. Others are dense and sticky. To work out how to get mud out of clothes, you need to examine what kind of soil it is made from. Broadly speaking, black and red soil marks and clay stains are trickier to treat than stains made by lighter, coarser soils. However, keeping a few things in mind will make you an expert in dealing with stains of both kinds.

How to get mud out of clothes: first, let the mud stain dry

Instinctively, we try to get stains out as soon as we notice them. In most cases, this is sound strategy, and the earlier a stain is washed away, the better the chances of success. However, in the case of mud stains, this will not work too well. As mud is a combination of water and dirt, adding more water will only make the mud stain spread some more. It is recommended that you let the mud dry, and then gently scrape it away, using a brush or a blunt item like the edge of a spoon. This will ensure that you do not create a bigger stain when you finally get to wash the fabric.

How to get clay out of clothes and remove mud stains in the washing machine

After scraping away the dried earth from fabric, you should ideally leave the fabric overnight in a mixture of water and laundry detergent like Surf excel. This will loosen the fine particles that make up the stain and it will come off easily. Wash the clothes as you usually do, the next day, and the stain should disappear. In case the clothes are too delicate to leave soaking in detergent overnight, it is a better idea to take them to the dry-cleaner straight away.

For old mud stains

If it so happens that you notice an old stain on some garment, or discover a stain only after you have ironed your laundry, stain removalcan be a bit tough. This is because the stain has set in by now and is not easy to loosen from the fabric. In such a scenario, soaking the item is the right thing to do. You should also take care not to heat the mark in the washing machine dryer or with an iron. Iron the item only when you are sure the soaking treatment has worked and the unseemly spot is gone. For best wash results, use Surf excel’s Dip Dab Drop formula to take care of stains.

How to remove clay stains

Clay is used in a variety of craft and indoor games by children these days. Though it is best that a child wear an art apron while working with clay, some stains do manage to find their way to clothes somehow. This, of course, is no reason to hinder the fun and learning that accompanies your child’s exploration of clay crafts, especially once you know how to remove clay from clothes. A simple way to get rid of clay stains is to treat them with a mixture of white vinegar and iodized salt. Spread this mixture generously on the smear, and let alone for half an hour. At the end of this time, rinse the surface with cold water. If the stain does not come out in one go, you can use this treatment a second time. Once the mark has faded, wash the item with Surf excel, as you normally do.

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So you see, mud and clay stains need not be in the way of your child’s fun and learning. It is perfectly fine for them to do these things the messy way!