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How to Wash New Towels & Keep them Soft in the Washing Machine

There’s no other feeling in the world quite like getting out of the bath or shower and surrounding yourself in a big, soft, comfortable towel – it’s one of life’s little luxuries. Unfortunately, after a few washes, our towels just never feel the same – they can become hard, rough, and almost cardboard-like. Want to know how to make towels soft? Then read on for our tips for our Matic Moms!  

What is the Best Way to Wash Towels?

Do you know how to wash towels in a washing machine? Not many of us do, although none of us like to admit to it. There are so many questions – what temperature should you wash at? Do you use a regular detergent? Can you wash towels with clothes? Here are the answers to all those questions you’ve always been too embarrassed to ask:

  • Temperature

It is best to wash towels at a high temperature. So, if you have an IFB top loader like this one , you should select the ‘hot’ wash setting; if you have a machine like this fully automatic Viva Care from Electrolux , you could select either the ‘Cotton - 60’ or ‘Cotton - 90’ programs (assuming that your towels are cotton, of course!) Anything that is found in the bathroom can be a target for mould – even fabrics – so it’s best to wash them regularly.

  • Detergent

If you’re looking for information relating to how to keep towels soft, you’ve come to the right place. What you need to do is take a look at the laundry products you’re using. You should be using a high quality laundry detergent like Surf excel Matic, as well as a fabric softener like Comfort. Some moms believe you shouldn’t use a fabric softener for towels, but that’s not true. This is one of the best ways to keep your towels feeling like a big, soft hug.

  • Laundry Load

Washing towels with clothes – yes or no? Well, putting both into the washing machine at once certainly isn’t dangerous, but it could leave you with clothes that aren’t as clean as they should be. Towels produce a lot of lint in the washing machine, which can stick to your clothes, and small items such as socks and t-shirts can also become tangled in towels, so they don’t get washed as thoroughly as they would normally.  

How Often Do Towels Need to be Washed?

Many moms tend to fall into one of two categories – the moms who wash their family’s towels after each use, and those who wash towels much less frequently. So which are you? And which mom is right? The answer is neither. Towels don’t need to be washed every single day, but they can’t be left for weeks at a time, either. Identifying how often your towels need to be washed is an important part of learning how to clean towels. It’s perfectly OK to reuse a towel for two, even three baths or showers, but after this time they really should be put through the washing machine.

Every time you use a towel to dry your skin, you’re essentially exfoliating your body, knocking off the dead skin cells. While this makes you look great, all those skin cells settle into the fibres of your towel, which isn’t too pleasant. Also, us moms lead busy lifestyles, and there are times when we take the towel off our hair, put it on the bed, and just forget about it – it happens to us all. When wet towels are left folded or crumpled, mould and bacteria thrives in the dark, damp environment. Hanging your towels to dry can keep them cleaner for longer, but they’ll still need to be washed on a regular basis.  

Taking Care When Washing Towels

When learning how to wash a towel, there is one very important aspect to remember: towels, especially bath towels, are larger and made of thicker fibres than standard, everyday clothing – this means they’re heavier. Washing machines can only handle a few towels at a time – overstuff your machine and you could affect the machine’s sensors, causing the machine to think it’s still full of water due to the weight.

The machine will pump and pump trying to get rid of the water, and won’t spin. Although you may need to do a few loads, it’s much better than stuffing everything in at once.

Do you find that you can never keep your bath towels as soft and luxurious as when you first bought them? Well now you can! Follow in the footsteps of our clever Matic Moms and wash your towels with fabric softener and on a regular basis – you’ll be wrapped up snug in a soft towel in no time!