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Can I Wash Silk in the Washing Machine?

Silk is a great material, and silk clothes aren’t exactly on the cheap side, so knowing how to take good care of your silk garments is important. But while silk has a reputation of being a very sensitive and delicate fabric, something few people know is that you don’t always have to take your silk items for a dry clean. If you are wondering, 'Can you wash silk in the washing machine?', you will be glad to learn that some silk items can be washed in this way – as long as you know what you are doing. These tips and tricks will help you take good care of your silk items. 


So, Can I Wash Silk in the Washing Machine?

If the label says dry clean only, you might be worried that it isn’t safe to wash your garment in the washing machine. Hand washing is the safest bet, but if your washing machine has a gentle cycle, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make use of it. Some washing machines even have cycles especially designed for washing silk. Refrain from using the washing machine if your garment is made out of woven silk though, and test the detergent or mild soap which you are planning to use on a tiny patch first to make sure it won’t damage the fabric. 


What to Consider if You Wash Silk on the 'Delicate' Setting

If you have decided to machine wash silk for the first time, there are a few things to keep in mind. Always make sure you use your washing machine’s delicate cycle, and opt for a mild detergent suitable for sensitive fabrics. Make sure whichever detergent you choose doesn’t contain enzymes or any brightening compounds, and use short spin cycles to protect your silk garments. If you have a top-loading machine, or want to stay on the safe side, invest in a mesh bag for extra protection. Always wash your silk items inside out to make sure they will look as good as new after the wash. Opt for a cold temperature and, as usual, separate colours. 


How to Dry Silk Clothing After the Wash

Even if silk might be safe to throw into the wash, do not make the mistake of putting it into the dryer, too – even a gentle cycle could damage the fabric irreparably. The best idea is to lie your silk garments out on a towel and let them air-dry – that way, you can also avoid wrinkles while you are at it! 


Tips from Our Matic Moms about Washing Silk

Our Matic Moms have had experience washing silk at home in their washing machines! Here are their tips for you:

  • "Yes, you can wash silk clothes in washing machine, but only on delicate mode since silk is a very soft and delicate cloth."
  • "Avoid direct contact with chemicals, e.g. perfumes, hair spray, etc. to silk clothes."
  • "There are different types of silk. Raw silk, pure silk, etc. Best to find out the washing instructions before buying or check the tags once bought to avoid severe damage to the clothes."
  • "For silk clothes, use only lukewarm or cool water for washing."
  • "If your washing machine has a silk/delicate mode then select the mode and can wash the silk clothes."