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How to Wash Shoes and Jeans

Shoes and jeans are two types of clothing that will inevitably become filthy when you wear them – even if just for a short amount of time. As a mother, you know how messy your little ones can be – accidentally stepping in mud, spilled foods and drink, or walking through long grass can all stain their shoes and the bottoms of their jeans. You don’t want to spend all day trying to clean these items! Don’t worry – you can wash shoes and jeans in the washing machine, saving you time and energy

There’s a common misconception that – because of the types of material used to make jeans and shoes – these items need to be hand-washed, rather than machine-washed. Believe it or not, jeans and shoes CAN both be cleaned in the washing machine with Surf excel Matic! You’ll want to make sure you follow a few simple rules to prevent colours from running and your jeans from shrinking, but it’s just a case of using the right settings on your machine. Read on to find out how you can use your washing machine to wash shoes and jeans!

Can I Put Shoes in the Washing Machine?

YES! Why go through the effort of hand-washing your shoes when your machine will do all the hard work for you? Shoes won’t shrink in the wash, but you should take some care to ensure colours stay bright and don’t fade, and that the vulnerable parts of the shoes – such as the laces – are protected. In addition, you will want to avoid washing certain types of shoes – washing athletic shoes or canvas shoes in the washing machine is ok, but you should avoid putting shoes made from suede or with delicate materials in the washer. Here’s what you need to do:

  • If your shoes have laces in them, remove these before doing anything else. If you put your laces in the wash as they are, they could become tangled around the internal workings of the machine, and you’ll never get them back!
  • If your shoes are very dirty and caked with mud, you may want to tackle them before putting them in the wash. Use a sturdy but blunt instrument, like a spoon, to remove any excess dirt and mud, and use an old toothbrush to gently scrub the metal eyelets.
  • Put your shoes in the wash as they are, but make sure you put the laces in a washing bag. Made from netting or mesh, washing bags allow water to circulate through, pushing dirt out – but they also keep all the items inside safe from getting snagged in filters or on the internal drum.
  • Add Surf excel Matic to your wash.
  • Set your machine for a cold-water wash and a gentle spin. The cold water will help prevent the colours from fading, keeping your shoes bright and vibrant, while the gentle spin will help protect your shoes.
  • Once the wash is complete, allow your shoes and laces to dry naturally. You may wish to roll up some old newspaper and place it inside your shoes to help them dry into a natural foot shape, rather than drying flat. Once everything has dried, you can re-lace your shoes.

Washing Jeans: Hand or Machine?

The main problem with washing jeans in the machine is that the denim is often quite heavily dyed to give that bold, vibrant look, but this dye can easily run when the material is wet, leaving you with jeans that look old and faded. This can also ruin other clothes, so make sure to machine wash jeans alone, or with clothes of a similar colour. Here’s how:

  • First, turn your jeans inside out. Your clothes will still get clean, but because the dyed exterior won’t be as exposed to the water, you’ll help to keep the colours intact and the denim looking fresh.
  • Put your jeans in the wash with similar colours so that if dye does run, it shouldn’t be too noticeable – and your white tops won’t end up a brilliant shade of blue! If you’re worried, just wash the jeans by themselves, or with items made from a heavy material like towels.
  • Add detergent to your wash. As above, use a mild detergent such as Surf excel Matic, so you can be sure to avoid harsh chemicals that could ruin the denim.
  • Use a cold wash and gentle spin cycle to protect the material. The cold water will help prevent dye run off – and jeans can also shrink in hot water.
  • When the washer has finished, turn your jeans the right side out immediately, and allow them to dry naturally. Turning them back the right way round is important as it helps the jeans dry in a natural shape.

Don’t make doing the laundry more difficult than it has to be! We know that your time is precious – and washing machines are great time-saving devices! There really are very few items that cannot be put through the wash.

As long as you follow the above guidelines and take care of your garments, you should find that using the machine to wash shoes and jeans is just as safe, just as effective, and much more efficient than hand-washing.