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How To Take Care Of Silk and Raw Silk Fabrics

You simply love your clothes made of silk and raw silk fabrics – like your favourite designer silk top. But – oops! – Your silk top got stained at last night’s party when you were running after your little one. How are you going to clean it now? Surf excel Matic is here to help you. Leave your stain removal worries to us!

Here are some instructions that will not only make washing clothes easier but will also make your favourite silk and raw silk garments look fresh and new again!

Garment Tags and Silk Wash Settings

  • First, always check the garment tags on your silk tops. If it says ‘dry clean only’, it’s wise to not wash it at home, as the dye may bleed and the garment may be ruined.
  • Make sure you choose ‘silk wash’ in your washer settings. This will ensure that your fabric is washed gently and the wash cycle is short. Also, it will make sure that the washer dries the fabric with no heat setting. The regular dryer settings can wrinkle and tear the delicate silk fibres.
  • Before washing silk fabrics, it’s best to do a test at home first. Pick an area of the fabric that is not too visible. Now, dip a cotton ball in cool water and detergent and blot it on the fabric. Allow it to rest for a while, then blot again with a clean and damp cotton ball. If the clean cotton ball is stained, it is better to dry clean it so that its shine and colour remain intact.
  • It’s best to wash silk and raw silk clothing separately, as washing these items with other fabrics can damage the silk.

The Right Washing Soap for Silk Fabrics

  • Many people think that silk fabrics need to be soaked in order to remove serious stains. But now that you’ve got Surf excel Matic with you, you don’t need to soak silk garments at all! Just wash your silk clothes with cool or lukewarm water in your washer. Use the dosage as instructed on the Surf excel Matic box.
  • To make sure that there is no washing soap residue, simply add ¼ cup white vinegar to the rinsing water. Then, rinse again with plain water.

Drying, Ironing, and Storing Silk Fabrics

  • Avoid drying the silk fabrics in direct sunlight, as this can damage the fabric and fade the colour, too!
  • You should iron silk fabrics on the reverse side when the garment is damp (not wet). You can also place a towel or a cotton cloth over the silk garment and then begin to iron, making sure not to pause too long in one spot.
  • Store silk and raw silk garments in a cotton pillowcase or any other material that will not trap all the moisture – that would turn the fabric yellow.
  • Moths love silk garments, so store your silk clothing with cedar chips or naphthalene balls to keep bugs away.

Any items of silk clothing needs gentle care so do follow these tips the next time you wash your favourite silk top. Do comment and tell us how you take care of your silk and raw silk fabrics!