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Find the Best Baby Clothes Detergent

Every mother wants to know how to wash baby clothes so that all those tough stains come out easily. Which baby laundry detergent is best for your baby’s sensitive skin? As a mother, the joy of watching your little ones as they learn new things is priceless, and can make you beam with pride.

However, the curiosity of a baby has a direct effect on the baby's clothes! All this exploring can be very messy. It’s not surprising to find new moms worried about providing the best for their child.

With Surf Excel Matic, moms can relax and let their babies indulge in messy activities and explore new possibilities – even if it means letting babies paint with their hands and roll around in that paint until their clothes look like a rainbow! The main concern that most moms have while washing baby clothes is whether the detergent is suitable for sensitive skin.

Newborns have extremely sensitive skin that can easily break out into a rash, so it’s important to use a gentle baby detergent when washing baby clothes. How do you deal with all the stains that are caused by your child's messy eating habits, outdoor adventures and other shenanigans? It's quite simple actually –to wash baby clothes, all you need is Surf Excel Matic and your washing machine!

This is the perfect combination to make sure that your baby's clothes remain fresh, safe, and clean.

Washing Baby Clothes

Here are some helpful laundry tips for new parents:

  • Washing baby clothes really is quite simple! Unless there are any specific washing instructions mentioned on the tags, you can throw in all of your baby's clothes into the washing machine.
  •  Add Surf Excel Matic and select the Delicate/ Soft mode on your machine.
  • Running an extra rinse cycle is always a good option, even when you’re using a gentle baby detergent. Even the smallest amount of detergent residue can be irritating to your baby's skin.
  • Another systematic way of washing baby clothes would be to segregate the clothes based on their colour. So, you can divide piles of light, dark and white colours, and wash each group separately.
  • An important reminder – cloth diapers should always be washed separately.
  • If you're afraid that your newborn will outgrow his or her clothes too soon, then avoid using the dryer too much. Dry the baby clothes on a low heat setting in order to prevent shrinking. You can also let the clothes dry naturally in the breeze.

The Best Baby Laundry Detergent

The best baby detergent is tough on stains but doesn’t irritate your little one’s skin. Reinforcing the idea of 'Daag Achhe Hai', Surf Excel Matic manages to wash away even the most stubborn stains, effortlessly. With no soaking or scrubbing required, this is the best detergent for washing baby clothes that any mother could ask for. Let your infant have unrestricted fun, unlimited learning, and a free-spirited childhood.

Surf Excel salutes the bond between mother and child, which is reflected in their wide range of cleaning products. Do you have tips on how to wash baby clothes? What do you use as a baby laundry detergent? Let us know!