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Simple Vegetarian Recipes to Make With Kids

A vegetarian lifestyle can have many health benefits. However, as parents we understand that children need a wide range of vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. So as long as we’re cooking up well-rounded vegetarian dishes that contain healthy amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fat, we can be sure our kids are getting the best start in life.

Why not try some of these simple vegetarian recipes?


Delicious and Quick Vegetarian Recipes for Kids

A good way to teach kids about the importance of a healthy vegetarian diet is to get them involved in the kitchen. It’s one thing to simply eat the food, but it’s quite another to see how it’s prepared. While we can’t guarantee that your kids won’t make a mess, we can promise that they’ll have a lot of fun!  

Veggie Samosas

If you do the boring prep work, your kids can do the fun bit – filling and folding the samosas! Every family tends to have their favourite fillings – one of our favourites is to fry onion and chickpeas with some classic curry spices and a drizzle of apple juice, for a bit of sweetness that will really appeal to the kids.

Once everything is cooked and cooled slightly, cut some pastry into rectangles and let your kids take over, placing a dollop of filling into each and folding the pastry to create the classic triangle shape. Bake or fry, whichever you prefer, for a healthy and tasty side dish your kids will be proud of.  

Stuffed Tomatoes

If you’re looking for quick vegetarian recipes for your kids to help out with, it doesn’t get much quicker than this! The beauty of stuffed tomatoes is that you can do all the prep work in advance – half the tomatoes and scoop out the flesh, and cook in a saucepan with your favourite spice blends and finely chopped vegetables. Allow them to cool until you’re ready for dinner; then it’s your kids’ turn in the kitchen.

Using a small spoon, they can fill each tomato with the pre-cooked filling, sprinkling a little cubed paneer or breadcrumbs (or both!) on top, however they prefer. Once they’re filled, you can oven bake or steam the tomatoes; baking makes them crisp and sweet, while steaming makes them soft and juicy. It’s your decision – although both options are delicious!  

If you’re looking for more vegetarian food recipes, check out Surf excel’s recipe page, or share your ideas below – we can’t wait to try out some of your own recipes in our kitchen!