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Fun Cooking for Girls and Boys in the Kitchen

If you’ve got young children, you’ve probably noticed that they’re very interested in what you’re doing in the kitchen. While you may find they’re getting under your feet a bit, it’s actually a good idea to take advantage of this curiosity. Teaching your kids about cooking and about the kitchen is really beneficial – not only because you’ll all have a lot of fun playing kids’ cooking games, but also because it’s a great learning opportunity!  

When cooking, your kids discover how to take care of themselves, learn more about health and nutrition, and also find out about the importance of kitchen safety. At Surf excel, we want to help your kids experience life, have fun, and prepare for the future – and what better way to help them grow than by learning how to cook! This month, we will have a series of articles about cooking – kids’ cooking games, nutrition for kids, the importance of healthy eating, and fun recipes for kids!

Cooking for Girls and Boys

If you’ve got both girls and boys, it’s important to try and find not just cooking activities for girls, but cooking activities that can be enjoyed by everyone. You may find that if you try and make cakes and ask your kids to decorate them, some boys may get bored quickly, so if you’re looking for some gender-neutral inspiration, here are some good ideas for kids’ cooking games:

The Treasure Box

To help encourage your kids’ creativity and imagination, the treasure box game is excellent. Give each child a small section of the kitchen to work in (or ask them to work in teams if you have a large family) and present them with a box of ingredients. The ingredients don’t need to be expensive, you could simply offer up some mixed fruits, peanut butter, and chocolate chips, or some cooked meat, bread, and salad leaves. Ask them to create something to eat. You’ll be amazed at how different each child’s, or each team’s, creation is.

Pick and Mix

To help your kids understand nutrition, offer them up a selection of different foods and ingredients and explain the benefits each one has on our health. Then ask your kids to pick ingredients to create a dish that has a good mixture of fruits or vegetables, protein, good fats, and carbohydrates. For example, you could include some tomatoes, lean chicken, cashew nuts, and potatoes, alongside chocolate and biscuits for pudding.

Circuit Cooking

At the weekends when you and your family are more relaxed and have some free time, circuit cooking can be a great way to include everyone in the cooking process. Make a meal that has various parts to it, such as a curry with sides of aloo tikki and chapatis, and divide the different parts up between yourself and another adult, with each of you in charge of a child or two.

Have the radio playing, and each time a song finishes, swap the kids between you so they all have a chance to help create all the different parts of the meal. Do your kids like to help out in the kitchen? Do you make cooking into a game? Share your ideas below, and check the next article in this series to see what other tasty dishes you and your kids could make together!