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Fun and Healthy Snack Recipes for Kids

As parents, we’re constantly being reminded how important it is to encourage a healthy and balanced diet for children – after all, if our kids eat nothing but junk food, they could suffer with health problems as adults. Unfortunately, as you may have noticed, there is nothing a kid hates more than eating a fruit or vegetable! Sweets, cakes, and treats they can’t get enough of, but put a juicy tomato down in front of them and they cower in fear! Kids are very creative and have great imaginations, and they need something that excites their interests.

Nutrition is so important for your little ones. So, here are some great ideas for healthy snack recipes for kids from Surf excel! 

Fun Health Food for Kids

As we grow up, we form associations between food and taste. For example, we can look at a pickled raw mango and drool at the thought of how it will taste and feel – but kids haven’t yet built up their own associations. They need more of a visual stimulus to encourage them to eat healthy foods. Here’s how to turn boring snacks for kids into amazing works of art:

Snack Butterflies

If your kids take snacks to school with them, make it fun! Take a small sandwich bag and attach a regular clothes peg through the middle. Gently open one side of the zip, and fill with pieces of colourful fruit or vegetables. Do the same on the other side. The two items should be kept separate by the peg. Draw a face onto the clothes peg, and you have an amazing, healthy butterfly snack pack!

Fruit Kebabs

Let’s be honest – sometimes fruit just doesn’t look all that appealing, especially those fruits that come in a skin so you can’t see all the juicy goodness underneath. To make fruit more appealing, slice a variety of fruits into discs, like strawberries, bananas, and peaches, and insert them onto a wooden skewer, as if you were making a kebab. It’s healthy, it’s easy to carry, and it’s different!

Carrot Sunflowers

Carrot sticks are such as easy and healthy snack. To make them visually appealing to your kids, pour a small amount of their favourite dip (raita, hummus, fruit chutney…) into a circular dish, and arrange the carrot sticks around the outside so that, together, the dish and the carrots resemble a sunflower. Create a stalk from a stick of celery, and use some salad leaves to complete the look.

Snack Recipes for Kids

If you love to cook, you could even try making your own healthy snacks that your kids will love. It doesn’t have to be involved or difficult, it just needs to be fun, tasty, and exciting. Here are some ideas to give you a little inspiration:

Summer Treats

What does every kid want? An ice cream! Ice cream is a good source of calcium, but it’s also full of sugar. However, you can easily whip up your own lollies that are just as delicious, but healthy, too. All you need to do is mix together equal parts fruit juice and coconut milk and add a dollop of honey. Mix until everything is incorporated, pour into moulds, and freeze until solid. Don’t worry about fruit juice stains on your little ones’ clothes – Surf excel can deal with those.

You can also check out our recipe for Fruity Freezers for more inspiration!

Spinach Chips

OK, so as a rule, kids aren’t generally a big fan of spinach, but with this recipe, they won’t believe they’re eating it! Lightly oil a baking tray, and place individual spinach leaves, set apart from each other. Lightly drizzle the tops of the leaves with oil, and then it’s time to get creative!

Sprinkle with your kids’ favourite toppings – barbecue seasoning, paprika, even a small amount of hard cheese works well. Bake for 8 - 10 minutes, and you’ve got a wonderful alternative to fried chips.

Are you having a hard time getting your kids to eat healthy snacks instead of sweets and chocolate? Why not try some of the ideas above and see if they can resist the yummy treats you’re offering. If you’ve got a favourite healthy snack recipe that your kids just love, share it below and we’ll be sure to give it a try!