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Recipes for Kids


There’s no better way to get your kids excited about a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle than by getting them involved in the kitchen! Our recipes and ideas for easy cooking for kids are sure to be a source of great fun for both you and the little ones, and it’s also a great opportunity to teach them about things like different food groups and how to eat healthily. 

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Cooking with kids: what you need to know

Most cooking activities for kids involve a certain amount of mess, but that’s just part of the fun! Let them experience different smells, textures and tastes with different ingredients. You can prepare for this with aprons and tidying away kitchen surfaces before you start, but be relaxed about the mess. It’s all part of the experience, after all!

There are plenty of recipes for kids to make at any age – even toddlers can get involved in cooking! Just make sure that everyone has a task that’s appropriate to their age. Let younger children stir, while the older kids measure out ingredients and pour out mixtures – and everyone gets involved in the decorating! Just remember that anything involving knives or heat is an adults-only task.

We’ve got all kinds of recipes and easy cooking activities for kids, so there’s plenty of opportunities for you to teach them about food and how important it is to your health. Even if you’ve chosen one of our easy cake recipes for kids, you can still teach them about the importance of enjoying sweets in moderation.

Introduce good kitchen safety practices early on when you’re cooking with kids, so that they know all about food hygiene and being careful with sharp objects and hot things. Keep an eye on them at all times when you’re in the kitchen together, especially with young children.