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Kids’ Learning Tips – Growing up the Fun Way

A t-shirt spattered with paint, a wall in the living room covered in hand impressions, a kitchen table top coated with flour and bits of dried up batter, or a pair of shorts and shirt smeared with mud – all these things can be tokens of sweet memories of your kids. They are also things that make you realise that your little ones are growing up really fast. These fun kids’ learning ideas are a great way to encourage growing minds without lectures: give them a go, and see how quickly your little one discovers new things!

Fun Learning for Kids is Essential When Starting Young

When you are busy trying to provide your child with the proper balance of nutrients and education for overall development, your little angel is equally busy striving to keep up with the fast paced world. Hours spent attending classes at school, followed by homework, and extra coaching classes to keep up with the building academic pressure – while simultaneously, kids pursue interests in sports, join multiple clubs, and keep abreast with current affairs.

Kids today are busier than ever before! Your child is growing, and at a pace much faster than you expected. Kids’ fun learning activities become a significant part of their lives, and anything learnt from hands-on experience is always bound to be retained more vividly compared to bookish knowledge.

Kids’ Learning Activities Go Better When They Learn on Their Own

If you see a budding painter in your little one, then be supportive when he wants to paint the walls red. Let him mix and match and create a master piece of his own. Let him spill paint on the floor, let him smear colours on his clothes, let him just draw circles and call it the solar system. Many kids’ fun learning experiences occur outdoors: if your kids love chasing butterflies, admiring flowers in the park, and playing with the dew drops on the grass, then let them be.

Give them company in digging in the mud and getting their hands dirty while planting a tree. Nourish their instinct for nurturing by letting your children have their own mini garden. Kids love to explore, so let them experiment and learn. Step into their shoes for once, and see the world through their eyes. Let them enjoy while learning, even if it gets messy!

Kids’ Learning Experiences Should Always be Fun, and not a Task

Why restrict children to enjoying only their extra-curricular activities? Why not make studying fun, too? Invite your child to help you cook in the kitchen. While you knead the dough, you can ask your little one about different shapes. Once you are done kneading, make different shapes from the flattened dough balls. Let your kid make a few on their own, too! Wouldn’t it be fun to have triangular or star-shaped chappatis for a change?

You can also introduce them to all the different spices you use while cooking. Let them touch and feel the different textures. Ask them to identify the different colours, take in the different aromas. Knowledge does not always come from text books, does it? Experiential learning is one of the best ways of providing holistic education.  

Kids’ Fun Learning Activities Nurture Their IQ Along With Emotional Aspects

Little children love pets, and they treat them like their best friends. If your little one wants to cuddle your labrador – who hasn’t had a bath in two weeks – or wants to feed the parrot, be patient and accompany them.

This is a natural way in which children learn how to bond. Children are always learning on their own and from their natural surroundings. They can easily pick up on the tiniest of actions, the softest of words spoken, and they can even sense your hesitation in letting them play outdoors.

With the changing times, you need to keep up with different ways in which your child can learn something without actually being taught. You cannot help but agree that kids’ learning is messy, but it is good because it teaches your little darling many new and beautiful things every day! So, have you identified the fun kids’ learning activity your child loves the most yet?

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