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Child Care Bridging the Generations: A Personal Account

Finding the best child care – somewhere your child feels safe and that contributes to their child development – can be very hard. When Neha turned 4, I thought of going back to my old job. I didn’t realize how right my decision was till my ex-boss offered me a higher position when I went back!

I remember saying to myself, “Anjali, you’re now going to be a General Manager!” But when I saw Neha that evening, panic started to set in. Imagine dropping her off at a child care center every day – will she be okay there? Will she eat properly by herself? My husband was busier than I was, and he would definitely not be able to drop everything if Neha fell unwell.


Grandmother – The Best Person for Child Care

The only person I could turn to for child care was my mother. She was the only person I could trust to take care of my child wholeheartedly. Neha loved staying with her Nani, especially because the rules were a lot more relaxed when her grandmother was in charge!