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How to Bring Out the Best in Your Kids: Encouraging Creativity in Children

Here at Surf excel, we love finding new ways to help you encourage your kids’ creativity! The messier, the better – Daag Acche Hain! Why? Because creative activities are good for your child’s development. They build basic physical skills and are an excellent educational tool, too.

We recently did a survey, and asked moms what were the best activities for encouraging creativity in children, and here are the results:

Activities like drawing and painting are fantastic for developing fine motor skills. These movements and techniques will help your little ones when they are learning to write. Helping out in the kitchen with cooking and baking will support your child’s efforts in math – counting, weighing, measuring, simple arithmetic, recognizing shapes, understanding volumes, and so on.

Make-believe games, like playing house or putting on shows, are not just fantastic for keeping busy on a rainy day – they also help children make sense of the world around them by giving them a safe environment to explore situations they encounter in real life. Music is, of course, another creative way for your children to express themselves and build self-confidence.

Importantly, all of these activities also stimulate your child’s imagination – remember, many of the world’s greatest innovations were brought to life by individuals who could ‘think outside the box’!

What creative activities do your children do? Have you got any arty ideas to share with the Surf excel community to help encourage creativity in children? Share your thoughts with us!