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Water Games in the Bath: Beat The Bath Time Blues!

How can you make bath time fun for kids? This is a concern that every mother has for her fussy little one! Why does this happen? Sometimes between toddlerhood and pre-school years, children lose interest in baths. But, you’ll be happy to know that bath time isn’t really as difficult as it seems to be, especially not if you take the opportunity to play some fun learning games!

So when your kids start with their famous dialogue, “Do we need to have a bath, mommy?” these water games for kids are the tricks you can use to beat the bath time blues! Read on, moms, for some fun and educational water games. 

Fun Water Games for Kids

Water games for kids can be so simple! Here are some great ideas for games to play with your kids at bath time.

  • Play some music and let your children groove to it while they have fun in the water.
  • Now this one’s really fun! Let your kid hold the soap in different ways may be between their feet, under the arm or in the crook of their elbow. This can really help your child enjoy bath time.
  • It’s time for a treasure hunt! Your kiddo’s soap is the treasure – can they find it? In a bucket full of water, add some body wash and allow it to foam up. Now, put your kiddo’s bathing soap in the bubble water and let your child find the soap. You could also try putting a small toy in the bucket, too, for them to find!
  • We all know children love water games with bubbles and soapsuds. Allow your children to make use of their imagination. Ask your kids to scribble their names in the foam or make a moustache or a beard or make sea monsters. Believe it or not, you’ll be surprised to see whatever your little one is sculpting with the foam.

This is more than just a game – imaginative role-play with simple characters helps your child bring their ideas to life. This is great for their communication skills and vocabulary. They’ll also be able to show what they think or feel through visual, sensory, and tactile experiences – a much more exciting way of imagining the world.

Learning Games for Kids at Bath Time

At bath time, you can talk to your children about how animals keep themselves clean. For example, elephants pour water on themselves with the help of their trunk, cats lick themselves to remove the dirt, and rhinos take help of birds to pick the bugs off their body.

You can play water games when talking about this, too. Ask your child to imitate the cleaning movements of their favorite animals – pouring water over themselves to act like an elephant trunk or washing each other like chimpanzees. This way, they are not only washing away the dirt but also learning something new – and having fun in the process! If we have bedtime stories, we can have bath time stories, too!

Telling stories is a great way to help bath time go by with more fun than fuss while distracting and stretching a child’s mind all at once. All you need to do is set the scene and nudge the story along, letting them steer it in whatever direction they like, using bath toys, flannels, and even their hands to create the characters in their very own bath time story.

Telling stories and acting them out are great learning games for kids! And before they even come back down to earth, you’ll have them out of the bath, clean and dry.

Try these few tips and you’re sure to get your child in water to clean up! Share your favourite tried-and-tested water games and other bath time ideas by commenting below.