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Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

Summer holidays are just around the corner. Be sure to venture outside with your kids for these fun summer activities and crafts– organise a picnic or create a nature artwork! Even though the weather may get hot, there’s no better time for your family to appreciate the outdoors. 

Three Fun Summer Activities for Kids

  1. Picnics: One of the best summer activities for the whole family can be as simple as having a picnic outdoors. Your kids can help you plan what to pack along, making sure to bring healthy snacks and a blanket. And picnics don’t have to be just about eating. Encourage your children to bring a favorite book to read out loud, draw in a sketchbook, and even just lie back and stare at the clouds. At the end of the picnic, don’t forget to clean up your rubbish! 
  2. Playing Games Outdoors: Of course, picnics can be even more fun if your kids play games outdoors. For once, get them away from TV shows, games, and apps – there’s nothing like filling their lungs with fresh air to keep them healthy and active! A game of Hide and Seek will allow them interact with their environment, hiding behind trees and rocks. Our International Games series suggests a whole load of exciting new games like Leap Frog, Kho Kho, and Bekel, which kids play around the world. Don’t hesitate to let them get dirty, because Surf excel can always help you wash out any stains on their clothes! 
  3. Wildlife Spotting: With the heat of daytime, your children may find it cooler and more comfortable to venture outdoors in the morning and evening. And these are the best times for seeing animals, insects, and birds! Even in cities, India is full of amazing diversity. Taking the time to watch these animals outdoors can be one of the easiest and most rewarding of kids’ summer activities.

Four Fun Summer Crafts for Kids

Encourage your child’s inner artist. The outdoors offers a wealth of natural materials that your kids can transform into original artwork. Let them wander outdoors to look for craft materials, and let their imaginations run wild! Here are just some suggestions:

  • Pebbles — Collect stones and pebbles and arrange them in a jar or bowl to decorate the house. Paint them and use them as paperweights.
  • Leaves — Collect dead or fallen leaves and glue them in patterns onto paper or leftover cardboard. Can they create a flower by arranging the fallen leaves?
  • Flowers — Wildflowers can be pressed in books and flattened for a truly beautiful, but delicate, keepsake of the summer. How many different kinds of flowers can they find?
  • Collage — Glue leaves, twigs, and flowers onto paper to create a collage. Can they create an elephant from a collage of leaves and twigs? How about a bird?

If you’re looking for more things to do this summer with your little ones, check out Surf excel’s ideas for fun activities for kids to do during the school holidays . And if you're looking for places to visit and explore all around India, why not check out some of the fun things you can do with your kids, or the top 10 wildlife sanctuaries in India?

Of course, these are just a few ideas for you and your kids to best enjoy the outdoors. What were some of your favourite summer activities growing up? And what other summer activities for children do your family enjoy? Let us know with a comment below!