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The Best Kids’ Party Games from Around the World: One-Legged Rabbit or Gradai kha dee-o

When you’re young, counting down the days until your birthday party can feel endless. You want time to speed up a little so you can see all your friends and have a great time at your party! Kids’ party games are a great part of any birthday party – here is a great one that you can try with your little ones!

Group Games for Parties: One-Legged Rabbit

Playing group games for parties is a great way to make the day feel like it will go on forever, which is why we’ve explored the globe to find the world’s best kids’ party games. ‘One-legged rabbit’ is better known as Gradai kha dee-o in Thai. It’s a simple game that’s really popular in playgrounds across Thailand and all across the world (and it's called langdi here in India).

You will need:                                                                        

  • Plenty of space (clear all furniture to the side of the room if you’re playing this game inside!)
  • Six or more children

How to play:

  • Divide the party up into two equally numbered teams.
  • One group is ‘the rabbits’. The other is the ‘the carrots’. The carrots must stay inside a small area or ‘field’, but they can move all around the ‘field’. One at a time, each rabbit hops into the field on one-leg to collect as many carrots as possible by tagging the other team members.
  • Any carrot who steps out of the field – or any rabbit who puts both feet down – is out.
  • When the rabbit is out  – or if the rabbit gets tired – then he or she can choose another rabbit from his or her team as a replacement.
  • When there are no carrots left in the field, the game is over!

Play Kids’ Games and Practise Balance

Balance is so important in this kids’ party game. The players will have to stand on one leg if they’re ‘rabbits’! The ‘carrots’ will also have to stay within a restricted area if they want to win.

Tip from the Stain Gang:

Don’t worry if you’re playing outside and the kids get muddy. It’s really easy to get these stains out of clothes. Just let the mud dry, then scrub gently with a brush and wash on a normal cycle with your favourite Surf Excel detergent. And if your kids get hot from all that running around, why not play a cooling water balloon game? Don’t forget to share your tips for group games for parties below!