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One of the Best Kids’ Party Games for Indoors: The Yarn Game

Easy games for kids don’t always require a lot of outdoor space – it’s possible to play great kids’ party games indoors, too! Birthdays are one of the most exciting things when you’re a kid. Birthday parties can be so fun with all your best friends from school, with the never-ending supply of cakes, and with all of your favourite people coming together to celebrate your special day. But most importantly, the party games and group activities at a birthday party will make sure that all the kids will have a really fun time, especially when they’re small. That’s why we have found the world’s very best party games.

We can’t guarantee that these group activities for kids won’t be a little bit messy along the way, but we can guarantee that there will be plenty of laughter and learning while you play! 

Easy games for kids: The Yarn Game

Playing kids’ party games indoors is an inexpensive way to keep everyone entertained. ‘The Yarn Game’ is a popular French game that can be played inside or outside, depending on the weather and on how much space you have! This easy game for kids is all about going on an adventure, so don’t worry about the children getting dirty – that’s all part of the fun.

You will need:

  • Plenty of yarn – ideally in different colours!
  • Scissors
  • Four children or more (in teams of two)

How to Play ‘Wool’ Indoors:

  • Get the children all together and send them up into one room, closing the door to make sure they don’t peek. This group activity works best with more than three children. If you have very small children, you can separate them into teams with an older child helping the younger ones.
  • Cut up different lengths of yarn and hide them around the house. Make sure your hiding places aren’t too hard – otherwise, this could be a very long game!
  • Call the children down and explain that the yarn has been hidden in secret hiding places around the house, and send them off to find them.
  • They will need to knot together each length of yarn they find. The team that has the longest length of yarn wins!

Group Activities for Kids and the Importance of Perseverance

Children will learn the importance of perseverance when playing group activities like the Yarn Game. They’ll have to overcome lots of obstacles as a team to find as many pieces of wool as they can. Tying the wool together is tricky, too – if you tie big knots, then the other team might win regardless of how much yarn you’ve found!

Dealing with Stains from Playing Kids’ Party Games Indoors

Tips from the Stain Gang:

When your kids are crawling around on the floor, searching for the pieces of yarn, their clothes may suffer a bit of wear and tear. Don’t worry too much, though – you can keep their party clothes looking new for longer by using fabric conditioner in every wash. It smoothes out the fibres (which can tangle and bobble), making sure your kids’ clothes are less prone to wear and tear.

Do you have more ideas how you can play kids’ party games indoors? Share your favourite easy games for kids with us in the comments below!