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Kids' Holiday Activities: Take Your Family to an Animal Safari!

Now is a great time to take some time off from your busy schedule and spend it on holiday activities with your children. It’s their holiday season, and it’s a great time for kids to spend time with their parents doing fun activities and going to new places. You probably would appreciate a change from your hectic schedule, too!

Are you game for some adventure activities? Perhaps you would all enjoy an animal safari! Share the idea with your kids – we’re sure it will excite them. Make the most from your mini holiday by helping your kids learn and enjoy the trip at the same time. But why an animal safari? It’s because national park tours give a chance to the children to explore the world of flora and fauna. The magnificent, natural beauty around will make your kids fall in love with the place. The Gir forest in Junagdh can give you and your kids such an informative and fun experience. PS: Don’t forget your camera!

Adventure Activities in Gir Forest

Gir Forest is a great place for adventure activities. Gir was declared as a wildlife santuary in 1965 and was given the status of national park 10 years later. It’s the largest dry deciduous forest in Gujarat and the only home for Asiatic lions in the world. Thanks to the conservation efforts made by the forest officials there, the population of these lions has now increased.  

The hilly landscape makes it a ideal habitat for other animals who make the forest their home, like jackals, leopards, antelope, and deer. It's also a great place to find crocodiles!In addition, there are almost 300 species of birds in the forest; some of these birds live there all year round, and others migrate through the forest.   Use your camera to capture the priceless expressions of your kids when they see every new species. These photographs will serve as memories and you can show them and remind them of these great holiday activities when they grow a little older.

Holiday Activities for Children to Do at Home

Once you’re back from the trip, there are still plenty of kids holiday activities that you can organise at home related to your safari adventures. For example, since you’ve taken lots of pictures, ask your kids to make an awesome, colorful scrapbook of their trip. This can become an amazing show-and-tell to share with others in school.You could also have your kids draw and paint pictures of their favourite animals, or help them write a story about them.