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Infuse Excitement Into The Monsoon Season with Rainy Day Activities for Kids

After the scorching summers, there will be some respite that the monsoons will bring very soon. While that is certainly something to look forward to, this can be a rather boring season for your kids, who will not get the chance to go out and play often because of the fear of getting wet in the rain. You can, however, liven up the monsoon season by getting them involved in fun rainy day activities for kids. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.  

Rainy Season Activities for Kids

An Introduction To Cooking And Baking

Cooking and baking are two very useful and rewarding skills, and you will enjoy having your children around in the kitchen to help you with the meal preparation. There are lots of easy recipes you can find online that your kidscan follow to create delicious dishes. Make sure you are around to supervise them, especially when there are sharp objects or flame around. For the stains that will inevitably make their way on to their clothes from activities during the rainy season, there is Surf excel to set it right.  

Indoor Gardening

Monsoon activites for kids like indoor gardening can be fun and educational. There are many things your children can try, such as growing plants from vegetables that are available at home, growing succulents and cacti in a small pot etc. Some simple plants that grow quickly are onions, garlic, carrots etc. These plants do not need too much sunlight and will be perfect for the monsoons.  

Finger Painting

Finger painting is the ultimate sensory rainy season activity for kids, and they always have fun when they get down to painting with their fingers and palms, leaving crayons and paintbrushes aside. You can find various fun finger painting activities online that will enable your kids to make their own finger paint in any colour of their choice and paint away to glory. Give them an open space, a large sheet of paper, and a few bowls of finger paint, and see the artist in them evolve. This is an activity that will definitely make their clothes dirty, but you always have Surf excel to get rid of all tough stains.  

Rainy Season Crafts for Kids

Paper Crafts

Children can make beautiful things using something as simple as coloured paper, and maybe a pair of scissors during the rainy season. Origami is fascinating for people of all ages, and in introducing your kids to this monsoon craft, you might just give them a hobby that will stay with them for life. Origami does not have to be just about making decorative items; your children can also make useful items like little boxes and baskets. Another easy paper craft idea can be making simple paper cuts.

Snowflakes are a common design, and your children will surely enjoy the fact as to how simply folding and cutting paper can give them unique, beautiful snowflakes every time. They can even string snowflakes together and put up snowflake garlands in their room. Quilling is another one of many easy monsoon crafts for kidsof all ages, and they can use it to make greeting cards for family and friends.  

Creating No-Sew Fabric Items

No-sew fabric items can be made easily by children and they will love doing so. Toys can be made out of old socks or cardigans, coasters, or art can be made out of fabric cut into interesting shapes, envelopes lined with pretty fabric etc. There are a lot of other rainy day activities that can keep your children occupied during the monsoons, and hone their artistic and creative skills at the same time. Encourage your children to engage in these, even if it means getting messy! As for the stains, you can leave them all to Surf excel’s care so you can focus on enjoying monsoon activities with your kids!